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"(...) with Louis she had six sons and two daughters:

1) Philip of France (1116–1131) 2) Louis VII (1120–November 18, 1180), King of France 3) Henry (1121–1175), archbishop of Reims 4) Hugues (b. c. 1122) 5) Robert (c. 1123–October 11, 1188), count of Dreux 6) Constance (c. 1124–August 16, 1176), married first Eustace IV, count of Boulogne and then Raymond V of Toulouse. 7) Philip (1125–1161), bishop of Paris. not to be confused with his elder brother. 8) Peter (c. 1125–1183), married Elizabeth, lady of Courtenay"

I counted 7 sons and 1 daughter, Constance. Could someone clarify this issue?


The article describes a legend about Adelaide, quote: Adélaide is one of two queens in a legend related by William Dugdale. As the story goes, Queen Adélaide of France became enamoured of a young knight, William d'Albini, at a joust. But he was already engaged to Adeliza of Louvain and refused to become her lover. The jealous Adélaide lured him into the clutches of a hungry lion, but William ripped out the beast's tongue with his bare hands and thus killed it. This story is almost without a doubt apocryphal. As a great-granddaughter of Adeliza and Louis VI and also of Adeliza and her second husband, William d'Albini, I can verify that story is purely the figment of someone's idle imagination. I have no problem with including the legend, but the denial is phrased in a, to put it mildly, far from neutral way; sure, it was probably not true. but no one can know this centuries later, wether related to her or not. I will remowe this, and replace it with; "it is ot known if this is true or not", but i thought I should mention this as an example. -- (talk) 13:26, 22 October 2008 (UTC)