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Removing Factual Content[edit]

The information in this article is cited and factual. Please do not remove information just because you feel it is not favorable. That is not the purpose of Wikipedia and is against the set guidelines. [1]--User:Grommet1972

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Alberto Torrico Discussion and Editing[edit]

In an effort to avoid edit wars, I am attempting to open up a discussion with regard to the editing of this article. Recent deletions by (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) of additions made by Grommet1972 (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) have been biased in the direction of a possible conflict of interest with the article’s subject. The subject of this article is a public figure and therefore it is fair and necessary to include cited and verifiable information on this person, both favorable and unfavorable. If a conflict of interest exists, it is not a good idea to continue editing this article since a biased point of view will be presented. In addition, deleting an entire section simply because the facts are not favorable to the subject of the article is not good practice and goes against the guidelines for editing on Wikipedia.

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In good faith that a compromise on providing a fair and unbiased perspective on this subject can be reached, I am including the contested sections of this article in this section for comment so as to understand the reason for contention. I will plan to move these edits to the main article after a reasonable timeframe to allow comment and editing, and to avoid edit wars on the main article page.

I'm moving the following out of controversy, not sure why it was there. Feel free to let me know if I've mistaken something.

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board[edit]

After Torrico left the Assembly due to term limits after his third term, Assembly Speaker John Perez appointed him to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. The Board was seen more as a soft landing spot for termed out members, like Torrico, and would pay their members upwards of $250,000 / year just to attend a few key meetings. [2]


Non-Voting Controversy[edit]

During his tenure in the Assembly, Torrico was criticized by the press and advocacy groups for being a non-voter (known as "taking a walk") on an important consumer protection bill that would have banned the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in products aimed at young children. Once a high-profile supporter of Senate Bill 797, Torrico refused to vote even though he was present during the roll call, after manufacturers of BPA and the products that use it spent $5 million against the bill.[3] Torrico also took a walk and did not vote on a gay marriage bill in 2005, which needed only 6 more votes to pass. Despite his work in civil rights, Torrico stated But it's all about what I think God wants for us, and I can't get around that." [4]

Physical Assault[edit]

It was reported that on April 13, 2013, Torrico and his wife Raquel Andrade Torrico attended the Democratic State Convention. At some point during the event, Alberto Torrico's wife, Raquel Andrade Torrico, violently attacked the aide of a fellow Assemblymember, alleging an inappropriate relationship with her husband. Torrico's wife was witnessed violently choking the aide and had to be physically restrained and led away. The incident occurred outside of the Convention Center in downtown Sacramento, CA. Torrico himself, and both of the Torrico children were present during the entire event. Several witness statements confirmed that with the help of her husband, Mrs. Torrico hunted the aide for several hours before the attack. It was reported that following the incident, Torrico’s wife bragged about the assault to several delegates and elected officials.[5]

Raquel's Kids[edit]

In early 2006, Torrico and his wife formulated a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called Raquel’s Kids. The mission statement set lofty goals to help disengaged youth and low income families sign up for healthcare and have access to computers. However, the Torrico’s did not file tax documents for the organization for three consecutive years between 2010 and 2012, leading to the automatic revocation of the organization’s exempt status with the IRS on May 15, 2013. [6] [7]

Illegal Campaign Financing Activity[edit]

In June 2013, Torrico was charged with failing to report campaign expenditures in the amount of $465,531 during his failed 2010 run for California Attorney General. Since the amount was nearly 20% of his total campaign income, the FPPC deemed it to be substantial and an illegal violation of fair political practices. The FPPC imposed a $1000 fine on Torrico as a settlement. [8][9]

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Checking in again here. The recent edits made by (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log) to this article seem to be one-sided, vague, unverifiable and disorganized. This is beginning to resemble a political ad campaign, and this is not the purpose of Wikipedia. Just as a reminder, here are some links for your reference on avoiding conflict of interest and keeping Wikipedia informative, honest and unbiased:
I am going to be reorganizing the article right now, and also inserting tags where I believe we need some citations in order to verify things. I'll leave the tags for a few days for editors to comment on and/or insert. I'll go ahead and remove unverifiable information in a few days if no one has any objections. Also, Raquel's Kids still has an active tax id number, I cannot find any indication that that organization was shut down. Also, I find a restraining order filed by the State Assembly, not by an individual, against the wife of Torrico. I've removed that until I can verify the information further. In addition, I find no record that "Torrico cast one of the deciding votes to pass the gay marriage bill out of the Assembly".MylarG (talk) 03:03, 31 March 2014 (UTC)MylarG