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Could some one write the correct propunciation of Bravais?


Who is Frankheim?

Removal of paragraph[edit]

I removed the following paragraph from the end of the article:

Bravais worked continuously for 4 years for crystallography and declared his result at just an age of 26. But he was not at all appreciated for his work at that time and all the great scientists at that time said that his work is of no use. His sentiments were hurt and he started hating his life. At last he died at an age of 51. Later on, in the middle of 20th century, Germany and England raced for the discovery of crystallography and Germany gave heavy sum to 15 scientists to research for it. After 15 years, they came up with the result and at the press conference, when the presented, one of the reporters reported that the work which 15 scientists had done in 15 years, has already been done by a young man, in only 4 years, that too in 1850s, when science was not developed that much. When the records were checked, it was found that the reporter was saying true.

The source given was Bravais' own work (Bravais, A. (1846). Analyse mathématique sur les probabilités des erreurs de situation d'un point. Mémoires présentés par divers savants à l'Académie royale des sciences de l'Institut de France, 9, 255-332.), and cannot possibly refer to events occurring during the middle of the 20th century. The paragraph also mentioned that he published his "result" at the age of 26 (unclear, but probably referring to the categoristion of Bravais lattices), while the previous paragraph states that he was 37 when he did. -Anagogist (talk) 12:55, 16 November 2012 (UTC)