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website URL[edit]

Does anybody have the actual website for ChessV? is NOT it! (talk) 02:30, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Grand Chess[edit]

This is an interesting setup indeed. But honestly I do not believe that this is the probably most popular variant that ChessV supports. Is there a server where we can play it ? Also, I believe that the rules are much too different to classic chess as played since around 1700 to make this game become very popular. Of course Greg Strong is a VIP user here, but as encyclopedia we must stick to the facts.

We could write: This program supports several of the most popular chess variants, and the author also supports Grand Chess with his software. Would this be okay fo everybody ? If not, please reply. Also, a screenshot of Grand Chess will follow, when one of us has the mood to upload one, I guess soon. NetguruDD 18:52, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Greg Strong, Dec-10: Re: most popular Chess Variants supported: This is, of course, very hard to judge. is hosting a tournament with their Game Courier, and voting is underway for which games should be included, and presently, Grand Chess is way ahead. (see: ) Of course, this is but one community ... Upon further reflection, Fischer Random Chess is probably of at least equal popularity to Grand Chess. Other games, like Janus Chess, have significant followings, but in small communities who play face-to-face games, so it is hard to measure their popularity ... I do admit that I have a bias against patented games; since ChessV is free, I have no incentive to risk legal action supporting any patented game who's inventor doesn't make freely available for non-commercial purposes. Especially Gothic Chess, which is a great variant, but part of a for profit company.

Feature requests to the author ;-)[edit]

Probably you have more ideas than time but as feedback:

  • ability to save piecses´ and squares´ colours as default
0.9 Done (saved in registry)
  • posiion editor sooner or later
0.9 semi-done (you can have custom piece setups in a save game file); in 0.9.1 it is possible to use the ChessV GUI to specify a custom Capablanca Chess setup.
  • more complete search history for one single move -
0.9 you can see what moves it considers at each ply (i-depth, as Greg calls it)
    • I mean if the program finds a better move after 5 minutes
    • then it is still interesting
    • what was thought to be the best move before.
  • one featue which is probably not so easy to implement but very often asked for in forums, not only according specially your progam, is the ability to load and save matches in PGN standard.
Not implemented as of 0.9

Subvariants Of Capablanca Chess[edit]

Out of fairness to all subvariants, no specific subvariant will be mentioned. --BadSanta

ChessV and SMIRF Questions[edit]

Hi I have some questions. Do ChessV and SMIRF play the same variants? If not, which ones will they play in common? Can ChessV and SMIRF play UCI engine matches like we can do in regular chess?

ChessHistorian 19:12, 29 July 2007 (UTC)

ChessV and SMIRF play several variants in common. It is not possible presently to play them against each other with UCI, WinBoard, or any other automated protocol. Sadly, ChessV is GUI only. I, (Greg Strong, the author of ChessV,) am presently working on a complete rewrite of ChessV from scratch that will support the Winboard protocol (which has recently be expanded to support 10x8 games - UCI has no such support as far as I know.)

Mage of Maple (talk) 22:56, 29 December 2007 (UTC)