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Courtship in animals[edit]

I wanted to say that it's great that we now have this article, which as it currently stands is all about birds. However I think we either need to greatly expand the scope of this article or perhaps to create another entitled Courtship in animals or something similar. Right now Courtship (biology) redirects to here. Many animals do have courtship but not all of them have a courtship display.

Some land snails and slugs have a very noticeable courtship, but it is tactile (and olfactory) because their vision is lousy. Unfortunately I am too busy right now to try to work up this idea, but I would be happy to contribute to either a general biological article on courtship, or maybe even an article on Courtship in invertebrates. Courtship is an extremely widespread piece of behavior in animals, not only in mammals and birds, but also in invertebrates such as spiders, and even snails and slugs (my speciality)! Take a look at Love dart. Drop me a line on my talk page about this if you like. Best wishes, Invertzoo (talk) 19:42, 20 December 2009 (UTC)


The information seems to be accurate. However, there is much more information that could be posted about courtship display, especially given that some species use group strategies to increase their chances of mating. For instance, approximately 35 species of birds have been reported to aggregate into groups in which they each defend a piece of territory and advertise themselves to the females of the species. The place where they gather is termed the display site. (Davies, Krebs and West, 2012). This page could use much more elaboration and examples, as well as other sections, such as the group displays that I mentioned above. In the Talk section, the article is listed under WikiProject Birds. It is rated as start-class and deemed to be of low-importance. It does have one comment that mentions the need for a broader wikipedia entry for courtship display in animals. The commenter provides some good information about snails and slugs and their tactile/olfactory displays. The commenter offers him or herself as a resource to the author. I agree that there should be a page dedicated to broader knowledge around animal courtship. Finally, I love the collaboration exhibited on this page. The History section shows that the page started in 2007 and has been contributed to by many people even up until the 8th of last month. The post about leks is really good and touches on group courtship display. This was cool because I commented about leks before I noticed the posted link about leks. WhitleyTucker (talk) 02:35, 26 September 2012 (UTC)

Sexual Ornaments[edit]

An addition could be a section highlighting male and female ornaments[1]. How and why they have developed, and how they aid in courtship displays. For example the peacock's tail display [2] BD441 (talk) 14:20, 2 February 2016 (UTC)

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