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The name Dardan, Ilion, Illyria and other are quite like a myth but from the sources of the greek sources the only greeks did existed. For example the illiad speaks for tribes and different kingdoms but after thousand of years they are changed to only and mainly greeks. My main question to academics and historians who write endless articles on the greek past of europe, I do this question .

In illiad the Homer does not mention in anywhere the translators. They fight with the troians and they do not need translator when they talk and forge duels. I think that dardania is where it is in present day Kosova and these presumebly greeks in the Illiad are not greeks as they are albanians or old etruskans and basks. The main question is when Achiles talk to Priam he does not use greek so whow they did communicate. The academics who wants to understand the old scripts that are not possible to understand for now being can first learn albanian and after maybe than can explain to us who were , are the greeks, who were, are the etruscans and others, and who are albanians germanic,anglo saxon and others.

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They were talking in languages that have been vanished.There are thracian inscriptions.Go and read.
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Dardan in Greek[edit]

"burned up", from the verb δαρδάπτω (dardapto) to wear, to slay, to burn.Megistias (talk) 00:26, 22 December 2007 (UTC)