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Cite web location[edit]

I added a "cite web" external link to support my edit of Duckett's birthplace recently. That in turn was edited (as a typographical edit) to include "location=UK". I have removed the location information from the link to put it back as I first entered it. To explain my reasoning behind that, a few points:

  • The birth record (and all other) information held on the web site is not for the UK but only for England and Wales.
  • The web site is hosted on The Bunker's servers in England (Kent and/or Berkshire) although its URL does have a ".uk" domain extension.
  • Duckett was born in England, and perhaps that is enough of an indication about the location of her birth record.
  • The location parameter is optional, but the standard for Cite Web is established by the first major contributor who did not include the location parameter.

To meet all the above, and in the belief that the information should not mislead and that "less is more", I've removed the location parameter from the web citation. Twistlethrop (talk) 09:38, 20 March 2011 (UTC)