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It might not be possible to get a good image from most accretion[edit]

Hopefully the (corrected) images will not be simply spherical but will show accretion occurring at both magnetic poles and disappearing at slightly greater than the Schwarzschild radius. Hopefully some of each polar region can be seen. Maybe there will even be a jet. It might not be possible to get good images from most accretion. Some accretion should follow magnetic field lines and some accretion could take a more direct path in. Most accretion is from the galactic plane and would normally follow the black hole's outer magnetic field lines prior to entering the inner field lines into the black hole's poles, but part of this trajectory would take matter farther away from the black hole. The radiation from particles in the outer field lines would probably significantly obscure radiation from the inner field lines. Ultra relativistic electrons should transport heat extremely well throughout the accreting plasma and plasma far from the black hole could be almost as hot as plasma near the black hole. Perhaps good images are not possible with accreting matter from the galactic plane.

Perhaps only good images are possible with accreting matter coming from above or below the galactic plane directly into the black hole's polar regions. For good images this much rarer type of polar accretion would probably also require that there be no simultaneous equatorial accretion. Whatever is shown will be interesting but we might have to wait for some rarer accretion from the galactic polar regions to get good images of the black hole's poles. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:02, 19 June 2015 (UTC)