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I think there is a discrepancy in here. It says the Convoy left for Gettysburg, but arrived in San Francisco. I am not sure which is correct.


"One of the often forgotten aspects of the highway interstate act was that it rerouted people from inner cities which caused the economic situation for minorities living in the cities to decline." There's probably a better way to get this point across without a point of view. (e.g. inner cities were not only populated by minorities, etc).


I can't believe how short this article is... This is the largest public work act in history and it hardly gets two paragraphs!!!! There should be a picture of IKE signing the bill. There should be info on how IKE had experience crossing the U.S. just after WW I then was influenced by the German Autobahns, there should be a section on the effect of the new roads, the legacy, the Cold War driving fears of logistics nightmares and much more... Someone get the lead out!!! I dont know enough to edit it myself but I pray that someone out there can help me. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:50, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

Incorrect fact: Twenty years. Why?[edit]

"construction of 41,000 miles of Interstate Highways over a 20-year period".
Whose nonsense is this? I can assure you that it took far longer than 20 years to complete the original 41,000 miles of the Interstate Highway system.
Let's be real: 1956 plus 20 years equals 1976.
I can assure you that these completions were far later than 1976, and in fact they were in the 1980s, mostly in the mid-80s, with some later, and that this is just a sampling. Interstate 95 in New Jersey is not complete as of mid-2010 !
Interstate 20, 65, and 459 in Alabama,
Interstate 40 in Arizona,
Interstate 70 in Colorado,
Interstste 10 and 95 in Florida,
Interstste 75 and 85 in Georgia,
Interstate 64 in West Virginia,
There are many more, especially when it came to all of the bypasses, loops, and spurs that were planned among the original 41,000 miles. (talk) 03:06, 29 July 2010 (UTC)


Why is it that there is no mention of any criticism of the Federal Aid Highway Act in this article. Many self-owned businesses were forced to close down because the interstate redirected all their business. Not to mention the fact it went overbudget. - It's for the Lutz (talk) 23:30, 11 August 2010 (UTC) That is why the Uniform Act was made. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:28, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

I still remember plenty of people who had to sell their businesses (like motels, gas stations, diners, etc.) and it (the Uniform Act) didn't do jack for them. - It's for the Lutz (talk) 22:18, 21 August 2010 (UTC)

History section is, uh, weak.[edit]

According to the DOT, the FAHA had a much different history than what we give. See, where Ike's role is not disputed but not given as the source of the bill either. See also Lee Mertz's article: "Origins of the Interstate" ( Kdammers (talk) 02:58, 16 July 2011 (UTC)