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Other names[edit]

An anonymous IP added surnames to the "other name" attribute in the infobox [1], which I reverted. The anonymous IP then reverted me [2] with the edit history explanation "'Khan', unless it is a form of 'Kohan', is not a Jewish surname unless he or she has changed the surname or has Indian or similar heritage)" and a similar explanation on my talk page [3].

First, this information appears to be irrelevant - this is not an etymology article. Secondly, sources need to be provided for this edit per WP:BLP. But, even if they are provided, this still appears to be irrelevant information. So, I am reverting again and please do not revert me again because consensus and sources are needed for the IP's edit. Otherwise this is WP:OR (original research) ---Steve Quinn (talk) 18:28, 21 August 2016 (UTC)