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Some Google bombs

Note that Google results fluctuate regularly and the bombed results may move up and down. Most often they will be displaced by a news article describing the bomb.

English Google bombs

Recent (as of 2006) and popular examples are:

  1. "Arabian Gulf" - points to an error look-alike page saying that "the gulf you are looking for does not exist." The page links to the Wikipedia entry on the Persian Gulf, alternative English name for the body of water east of the Arabian Peninsula and south of Iran.
  2. Asshole - A site highly critical of the current government of the United States.
  3. Awful Announcer brings you to the official website of frequently criticized baseball color commentator Tim McCarver
  4. "Be Afraid" brings up the civilian preparedness agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security.
  5. Bill Napoli brings up an extremely negative definition of South Dakota Republican Senator Bill Napoli. Created by the Smart Bitches, it is based on comments he made after a bill in the South Dakota State Legislature was passed that, if it stands up to the scrutiny of the United States Supreme Court, will ban abortion in that state.
  6. Failure - returns official biography of George W. Bush from
  7. French military victories - see French military victories (practical joke). Points to a faked Google error page noting there are no French military victories.
  8. fuckwit returns John Prescott who is Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  9. gastrointestinal dysentery returns Kres Chophouse & Lounge in Orlando, Florida, a restaurant that fired a server for blogging about work.
  10. "Horrid Operating System" - Returns "Microsoft Windows Family" homepage as the first result.
  11. ignorant bigots - returns the official page of Christian Voice, a fundamentalist Christian organisation in the UK.
  12. Jew - Jew Watch, a website operated by Frank Weltner, was the number one hit when searching on for "Jew" in 2005. In early 2006, the Wikipedia entry replaced it following a Googlebombing campaign organized by Daniel Sieradski, editor of the blog [1] [2] [3] As of September 2006 the Wikipedia site is again in the number one position; however, it appears to be fluctuating regularly. Google added an explanation page entitled Offensive Search Results and placed it in the top sponsored link section for that search and some other Google bombs.
  13. liar on - returned Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister, accused of misleading the public over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (as of 2005-12-30 Blair was back in first place, with the IMDb page for Liar Liar falling back into second place) He is also first in the world rankings at on top.
  14. McDonalds, returns the official website of the documentary Super Size Me as the third result, and an anti-McDonald's site as the fourth.
  15. Miserable failure, miserable worst president worst president ever and great president brings up the official George W. Bush biography from the US White House web site. Due to the search query of "miserable failure," the search terms miserable and failure (each word that comprises miserable failure used on their own) also point to the biography of George W. Bush, with Jimmy Carter ranking number two and Michael Moore third. Unelectable points to the biography on the White House's homepage. Interestingly enough, used to point to the same page, and was second in Google's Search for "unelectable." See also miserable failure. With the addition of Google Local and Maps, searching for the phrase in Washington DC provides George W. Bush's residence (Listed as the "US Executive Mansion") as the first result.
  16. National Disgrace - returns the official MLB biography of Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball. The Googlebomb was organized to highlight MLB's poor negotiations the Montreal Expos with in the process of moving to Washington, D.C.
  17. swivel eyed loons returns the homepage of the UK Independence Party after the phrase - initially used to describe the party by blogger Anthony Wells - was adopted by several British bloggers.
  18. terrorist sympathizer returns the homepage of Bill O'Reilly, in reference to his comment that "every other place in America is off limits to [terrorists], except San Francisco." Initiated by Daily Kos.
  19. santorum returns a link to a page designed to make the name of US Sen. Rick Santorum into a graphic sexual term following a controversy over statements made about gays. Initiated by columnist Dan Savage.
  20. Waffles returns the campaign website for John Kerry as the Republicans argued he waffled on issues during the U.S. Presidential Election, 2004.
  21. Hospital Hater returns the constituency website for British Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

Google bombs in other languages

  1. Aweonao (Chilean slang for asshole) in Google Image search - Chilean right-wing presidential candidate, Joaquin Lavín.
  2. Buffone (Italian for "clown") - unofficial Silvio Berlusconi (Italian Prime Minister 2001-2006) biography.
  3. Déspota Cachaceiro ("Drunk Ruler" in Portuguese) used to return the website of Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.
  4. Estupidez (Stupid) - Points to former Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez's webpage. The page is no longer supported, though the link still exists.
  5. Estúpido Populista (Stupid populist)- Points to Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Home page.
  6. Gladjakker ("smoothie") returns website of Camiel Eurlings, the leader of the Dutch Christian-Democrat fraction in the European Parliament.
  7. jämmerlicher Waschlappen (German slang for "pathetic wimp") returns the government page of Christoph Blocher, a Swiss Federal Councillor.
  8. kretyn ("cretin" in Polish) - returns the page with information about Polish extreme-left politician Andrzej Lepper
    • kretynka (‘a female cretin’ in Polish) on 2nd and 3rd place returns links to official bios of two female Samoobrona MPs, Renata Beger and Danuta Hojarska. NOTE: Samoobrona is a party founded and led by Andrzej Lepper (see above).
  9. Iznogoud (a comic character who wants to become number one) - Points to the official biography of French minister Nicholas Sarkozy. "Nicolas Sarkozy" points to "Iznogoud, the movie".
  10. Ladrones (Spanish for "thieves") and Siempre Ganamos Algunos Euros ("We Always Earn Some Euros") point to the homepage of SGAE, (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores), the Spanish equivalent of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The SGAE is an extremely unpopular association in Spain since they successfully lobbied for the surcharges on the price of physical media such as recordable CDs in order to account for the theoretical losses due to P2P exchanges.
  11. lažnivec (Slovenian for "liar") points to the page of Bojan Požar, Slovenian yellow press publicist.
  12. lul (Dutch for 'dick') returns the web page of the Belgian politician Hugo Coveliers on (Google deactivated the result temporarily on request of Hugo Coveliers, but this seems to have lapsed.)[citation needed]
  13. Masendav ('depressing' in Estonian) - The Estonian Center Party page. This also used to work when one typed "masendav" in the Firefox address bar, before began.
  14. Mouton insignifiant (French for "trivial sheep") - returns the official page of Jean Charest, Premier of the province of Quebec, in Canada. It refers to his curly hair. Insignifiant also worked
  15. O Maior Mentiroso ("The greatest liar" in Potuguese) returns the Potuguese wikipedia article of the Brazilian president Luis Inácio Lula da Silva.
  16. Pekeng Pangulo (Filipino for "fake president") in returns the official page of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
  17. populista (Slovak for "populist") - returns an official homepage of Robert Fico, a left-wing Slovak politician (Now Prime Minister).
  18. Ptasia Grypa (Polish for bird flu) on the first place returns the official website of the Polish president Lech Kaczyński whose surname in Polish roughly means ‘duck’.
  19. ¿Quién quiere estafarnos? (Spanish for "Who wants to swindle us?") points to the homepage of Telecom, provider of phone and ADSL services in northern Argentina. This bombing was started at because of the company's announcement to limit download transfer to 4 GB per month (for 512 kbit/s connections).
  20. Raar Kapsel ("Weird Haircut" in Dutch) - Returns the biography of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende, who is known for his distinctive hairstyle.
  21. Siedziba szatana (Polish for "Satan's seat") returns the website of Radio Maryja, Polish ultra-Catholic religious and political radio station.
  22. Sinungaling (Filipino for "liar") returns the official page of Philippine Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye.
  23. Totalt fiasko (Swedish for "total fiasco", selected after the "miserable failure" bomb) - Used to return the official Göran Persson (Swedish former Prime Minister) biography.
  24. Tyhmä lehmä (Finnish for "stupid cow") - Used to return the home page of Tanja Karpela, Finnish Culture Minister.
  25. Velký bratr (Czech for "Big Brother") – in 2004 returned a biography of Stanislav Gross, Minister of Interior of the Czech Republic in a police phone tapping controversy
  26. völlige Inkompetenz (German for "total incompetence") - returns the homepage of Karl-Heinz Grasser, the Austrian minister of finance.
  27. Vreemdelingenhaat ("Hate for foreign people" in Dutch) - Returns the biography of the Minister of Integration and Immigration, Rita Verdonk, whose policies are controversial.
  28. Zlodej a klamar (Slovak for "thief and liar") - returned a personal profile on Slovak National Parliament pages of Vladimír Mečiar, controversial former Prime Minister of the Slovakia.
  29. ατσαλάκωτος (Greek for "non creased") - linked to the mayor's office of Municipality of Thessaloniki, a profile page for right wing New Democracy mayor Vasillis Papageorgopoulos of Thessaloniki, Greece at present.
  30. Ληστές, (Greek for "thieves") links to OTE, the Greek Telecommunications Organization. This is the result of a mass blogger protest against OTE's abusive charges.
  31. κατσίκα, (Greek for "goat") linked to Marietta Giannakou, the current Minister of Education of Greece. This is a result of students' discontent with the new bill, which is being promoted by the Minister for National Education and Religious Affairs of Greece.
  32. ψεύτες (Greek for "liars") - linked to New Democracy, a center-right wing Greek political party that is in the government of Greece at present.
  33. φασίστας (Greek for "fascist") - linked to Vyron Polydoras, the current Minister of Public Order of Greece. This is a result of students' discontent with Greek police brutality.
  34. Kohlkopf (German for "cabbage head") - returns the website of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. The name might be a reference to former chancellor Helmut Kohl, who mentored Merkel in her early years.
  35. 학살자 (Korean for "slaughter") - returns the website of Chun Doo-hwan, the former President of Korea Republic
  36. trabajo digno (Spanish for dignified work or job) - returns an error page that claims a dignified job for a decent salary cannot be found, with links to the Spanish Ministry for Employment.
  37. Найти ближайший туалет (Russian for "find the nearest toilet") - returns the 'McDonalds in Russia' homepage.
  38. Враг народа (Russian for "enemy of the people") - returns the official page of Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russian Federation.
  39. Mordorin linna Finnish, meaning castle of Mordor - returns the website of Parliament of Finland.