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College Baseball Hall of Fame[edit]

How could he have been inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966 when it wasn't even founded until 2004? I think that the wrong hall of fame is listed in this article because he's not even a member of the College Baseball Hall of Fame inaugural class. Seancp 19:06, 2 April 2007 (UTC)

I had trouble figuring that out too, but the info comes from a PSU Athletics press release. Check out the first reference in the article [1]. The only thing I could think of is that there was/is another college baseball HOF? Billma 12:15, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Bedenk coached at Rice through Spring 1927[edit]

Newbie here, and I'm learning how to update Wikipedia pages to incorporate changes/corrections such as this:

Many sources, including this Wikipedia page, show Joe Bedenk as coaching the Rice Owls baseball team only through 1926, after which they say Richard (Dickey, Dickie, Wee Dickie) Kerr coached there for 1927-8. However, the Rice Thresher (student newspaper) consistently reports that Bedenk coached the Spring 1927 baseball season, and Kerr was at Rice (initially) from January through April 1928. (Kerr was later hired again by Rice in 1949 as an assistant coach.)


May 22, 1925: Bedenk signs three-year contract to coach at Rice: baseball head coach, assistant football coach and, possibly, freshman basketball. <aref></ref> (Note: another story on page three mentions his summer plans for baseball in Elmira, N.Y.)

Jan 21, 1927: Bedenk identified as line coach for the Rice football team. <aref></ref>

Feb 25, 1927: Bedenk announces he's leaving for Florida in the Fall but will coach the current (1927) season. <aref></ref>

April 8, 1927: Bedenk still coaching baseball at Rice. <aref></ref>

(For completeness, here are sources for Kerr's initial Rice coaching stint: Jan 20, 1928: Kerr announced as new baseball coach <aref></ref>; April 28, 1928: Kerr resigns [1]).

When I figure out the proper Wiki formatting, I'll correct the appropriate pages for Bedenk, Kerr, Rice Coaches etc. ... including sources, of course. -- Mike Ross — Preceding unsigned comment added by Almadenmike (talkcontribs) 21:21, 22 January 2013 (UTC)