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Suggest removing 'Reception' section[edit]

The section is entirely based on a TIME article about creepiest mascots from 2012 and doesn't really reflect reception to the character since you would expect legitimate reception to the character to have been delivered at a date much closer to its conception. These sorts of articles are really just fluff pieces and probably shouldn't be included as relevant sources for encyclopedic knowledge anyway. -- (talk) 21:18, 4 June 2015 (UTC)

When did Richard Berg stop voicing him?[edit]

Does anyone out there know when Berg stopped voicing Kool-Aid Man before Frank took over in the 2000s? Does anyone have a clue when he stopped voicing him?, I still having trouble with that information and I need help finding sources of when he stopped voiced no him. All I added were just question marks in the character Infobox next to him, we won't change it until we find sources. 2600:1000:B002:F32F:6162:83DE:5C06:E88E (talk) 03:33, 17 December 2016 (UTC)