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What purpose does this serve?

I think it might be more useful to restrict the list to notable Japanese films. I'm not aware that, for instance, Tsugumi had any particular impact. On the other hand, conspicuous in their absence are films by Akira Kurosawa — an important director in his own right, and an influence on many western directors — and films such as Shall We Dance?, which was for a time the highest-grossing foreign movie in the history of American cinema. Shimeru 03:54, Dec 24, 2004 (UTC)

the only thing i can see that the list does, that the category doesnt, is to include red links. if the list isnt going to be comprehensive or essentially function as a "request for" page, then i dont see any unique purpose to it. i think the person who started it just started naming movies off the top of his head, rather than, say, copying all the filmographies from the various japanese directors' pages (inc. A.& K. Kurosawa). if we really want to list all japanese films... i checked here, and it's daunting.
if Wikipedia:Requested_articles/Culture_and_fine_arts#Movies was divided by country/language we could keep the red links there, use the category instead of the list for the pages with articles and delete this page all together.
ditto: List of Japanese Actors, List of Japanese Actresses, List of Japanese Directors Nateji77 9 July 2005 13:52 (UTC)


This page hasn't gotten much attention, except for additions. I'm going to undertake a cleanup - standardize dates and punctuation. A few points:

Anime - I'm going to change everything listed as animation or animated to anime, for purposes of organization.

Details - I'm getting rid of director info or the one-line descriptions listed behind some films. Anyone clicking the film will get that info.

Importance - There are thousands of Japanese films. Let's limit this to:

  • Major directors with a substantial body of work.
  • Films integral to some major historical phase of Japanese cinema (jidaigeki, nuberu bagu, anime, et. al.)
  • Films of unusual influence.
  • Films of unusual commercial success.

I'd like to cut one-off films, and we don't need a list of every J-horror film, every pink film, every anime. There's too much out there, and if this starts to turn into a random fanlist with no logic behind it, it's pretty much useless.

Japanese Names - I'm switching them to English names, unless a film (i.e. Enjo) is generally known internationally by its' Japanese name. A film like after life would properly be listed on English-language Wikipedia by that title; it would be properly listed on the Japanese site as wandafuru raifu, and not vice versa.

Red Links - Getting rid of some, keeping others. If a red link film shows up in 2-3 (or more) published histories/guides to Japanese film, I'll keep it, in the expectation that someone is or soon will be working on an article. Otherwise, I'm going to delete them. --Davidals 00:30, 8 October 2006 (UTC)

  • This list is pointless if you aren't going to include things like directors and descriptions, might as well just have a category. Kappa 02:52, 2 March 2007 (UTC)