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The article has been much improved by the edits of Allisonlee9, particularly the Early life and Career sections (old page version). I've made a few changes (mostly reference formatting and some wording changes). I have a few suggestions to further improve it:

  • I think that Other Major Field Experience would work better incorporated into the Career section in prose form.
  • The same may be true of the Sabbatical section, since they may have been significant occurrences in her biography.
  • I'm still not sure about the seagoing experience section. It may be better compressed to a 2-5 sentences summarising the ships and period (e.g. Talley served onthe R/V Knorr during the 1990s as the chief scientist). Again, this could be integrated into the Careers section, or be a subsection of it.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful, T.Shafee(Evo﹠Evo)talk 02:33, 19 May 2016 (UTC)