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In the episode where Martin and Gina have bachelor parties, BOTH of Martin's sisters, Ursula and Rae, can be seen as two of Gina's friends at her bachelorette party. They are both sitting next to each other on the ottoman closest to the kitchen in Pam's apartment (I'm not sure which is which). One is in a gray outfit and the other one is in a black outfit, but they both resemble Martin Lawrence.Maestclev 22:38, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Maestclev

who edited this page recently. Someone got rid of Laqueta from Martin. leave it alone. It was fine as is and it wasn't a spoiler either. No information before the edit spoiled the show. stop exaggerating and getting rid of character descriptions. and get rid of that drag for sheneneh. it sounds transexual or transvestite

Um, Shenehneh WAS Martin in drag. NickBurns 19:19, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Personal Opinion[edit]

Some parts of this article seem a little opinionated, particularly in the paragraph discussing the various characters portrayed by Campbell (unsigned comment)

I don't think anything is opinionated (another unsigned comment)

Characters to add[edit]

Can someone add the two characters that Martin worked with on the radio show. I don't remember there names but I remember there faces. There was that older guy from the Jamie Foxx show and then Martin also worked with that white dude from his radio show. Does anyone know the names of these characters. If you do, can you add them here so I can ass them to the page or could you add them yourself. thank you (unsigned comment)

Stan was his boss and Sean was his engineer. (unsigned comment)
Oh yea! I remember now. I forgot all about those guys. Thank you for adding them to the page 08:47, 14 October 2006 (UTC)

okkkkk — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:46, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

Page redirect[edit]

This page needs to be redirected to Martin and not Martin TV series. Martin TV series sounds so funny (unsigned comment)

Missing Characters[edit]

Another "character" that Martin played on this show was "King B" the furry-chested "artist" who always had to dance. He was only seen in videos. His phrase was "But first! I must dance!" and then he dances while the girls root him on chanting "go King B! Go King B!" I believe Lawrence did this at least twice.Maestclev 22:38, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Maestclev

Other recurring minor characters include Myra (Stan's one-time girlfriend) played by BeBe Drake. She was in at least three episodes: 1). The episode where Martin and Gina hang out with Stan and Myra because Martin exposed one of Pam's secrets on the radio putting he and Gina at odds with their friends. 2). the episode where Gina loses Martin's basketball tickets and has to earn some from Sheneneh by working in her salon for a day. Myra was one of Sheneneh's customers. 3). the episode where Martin shows up at the unemployment line. Myra is working there and she's the one who gives him his job assignments.Maestclev 22:38, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Maestclev

"Angry man" is a very minor recurring character. He's definitely in the episode where Martin was unemployed. He tells MArtin to sit his ass down while at the unemployment office. I believe he was in another episode (maybe the shoe store episode with Pam and Gina's straight male friend), but I can't remember which.Maestclev 22:38, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Maestclev

Other minor recurring characters include the older Latina woman who ran the TV station and gave Martin his first job there. Bernice, her assistant, played by Kymberly Newberry. The younger Latina woman who eventually took over the TV station who was allegedly related to the first woman who ran the station. Then there are the two waitresses from Nipsey's (one of them played by Kellita Smith from THE BERNIE MAC SHOW). There's also LIL DAWG (the light-skinned, coke-bottle glass wearing guy with the shag perm), BUCK WHITE (white guy with an Afro) and that woman who always showeed up drunk and/or stoned. There's also the tall, unnamed effeminate gay man played by Bentley Kyle Evans, who was one of the show's producers.Maestclev 22:38, 2 September 2007 (UTC)Maestclev

Wheres "Brotha Man" I still bust a gut when I think of the episode that involves the Whitney Houston concert --Bushido Brown 06:51, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Another missing character is Mr. Jim & "Binoculars from the barbershop. "Angry Man"(DMV&Nipseys) "Aggravated Man"(Movie theater) -TP

You forgot LAURA HAYES as Cole's Mom

Dang Gina[edit]

Are you all sure Martin said "Dang Gina" and not "Damn Gina"? I find it hard to believe that Martin would have used the word "dang". 08:29, 11 January 2007 (UTC)AR

Pam said "Dang Gina", Martin said "Damn Gina". 18:41, 4 October 2007 (UTC)

Yes he did say dang gina Mmni (talk) 22:25, 11 December 2016 (UTC)

Guest Apps[edit]

If you are not a real fan of the show and don't know all of the special guests that appeared in the show quit editing it. John Amos played Tommy's Father and Reggie McFadden had starred in an entire episode although he doesnt have a wikipage. (unsigned comment)

Original link to Yo-Yo lead to the toy and not the person. I felt it was necessary to change it since she does have a wikipage. Wkandy26 17:59, 12 July 2007 (UTC)


This is a really well-done and comprehensive page. Martin's one of my all-time fave shows. Keep up the good work. Jyroberson 22:25, 29 May 2007 (UTC)

NBA Player who's favorite show is Martin[edit]

This is truly a strange phenomena that deserves it's place in this entry. NBA players young and old have consistently listed Martin as their favorite show despite it having been canceled over 10 years ago. It's as if no tv show has existed since. The sheer amount of sourced players alone shows that it warrants attention. So long as it's sourced, it ought to stay.

No, this isn't encyclopedic. These informations even sourced aren't encyclopedic. If we list all famous people who like or don't like a show, these pages will be a mess. Please stop immediatly (I read the ESPN blog too). Poppypetty 20:48, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

I recorded all of these myself for posterity and due to the circumstances this is absolutely encyclopedic. The fact that a famous people enjoy something may not be, but when an overwhelming population of a distinct group all individually list an appreciation of something so random, it's notable. Please stop undoing others hard work. And the fact that it was linked from an espn site should have no bearing on the matter since this list is the sole product of a single person work, not a mass community trying to spam a listing. Gniterobot


Miss Jeri wasn't in the line at the unemployment office. The unemployment office line episode features Martin being called out by ANGRY MAN and a minor confrontation with an unnamed man. Miss Jeri got into it with Martin in the DMV episode and in the Christmas episode where Martin and Gina were stuck in the bus station.

Shawn (Jon Gries) might've been "fired" when WZUP/WEHA got shut down, but he was eventually rehired as the guy who goes into the station and changes the tapes. He and Martin had a conversation in the season 2 finale at the radio station. In fact, Shawn is the one who inspires Martin to take off at the end of the episode. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Maestclev (talkcontribs) 16:54, 3 September 2007 (UTC)

Show Cancellation[edit]

This article doesn't talk about why Martin was cancelled and the scandals around Martin Lawrence's behaviour —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 11:49, 4 October 2009 (UTC)


Ckatz, stop reverting the fucking edit without any explanation. In fact, all television articles have character description so what are you going to do, delete all contributions from every television article on Wikipedia? That's idiotic. The whole goddamn page is full of characterization. See list of Roseanne characters for example and fucking stop reverting simply because you want to get a the last word/edit in. Example:

Marjorie "Jackie" Harris Played by Laurie Metcalf. Birthdate: June 16, 1955. Jackie is Roseanne's younger sister by three years.[1] In the episode "Labor Day," it is revealed that Jackie's real name may have originally been Marjorie, as her mother reveals that Roseanne couldn't pronounce it, and wound up calling her "My Jackie", thus leading to Jackie's name (although her mother immediately follows this with "or was it Mary Jane?"). Jackie is an intelligent, warm, highly sensitive underachiever with chronic low self-esteem. Roseanne seems to be in charge of Jackie's life, which is a frequent cause of conflict between the two; however, Jackie sometimes enjoys having Roseanne mother her, especially when Jackie feels vulnerable.Jackie's character seems to become more animated and colorful as the series progresses. Jackie holds numerous jobs: working in the Wellman Plastics factory for several years until the walkout, then becoming a police officer until she is injured on the job, and later a truck driver, then opening the Lanford Lunch Box with Roseanne and Nancy (her mother is a silent partner). Jackie often comes up with seemingly off-the-wall "crazy" ideas, but it turns out that many of her unconventional ideas actually work. Her romantic relationships are frequently unstable, including one where she dates a man named Fisher and becomes the victim of domestic violence. However, she eventually marries Dan's co-worker Fred, who impregnated her after a one-night stand. Jackie gives birth to their son, Andy, two months before she marries Fred. At one point Jackie, unhappy with the self-absorbed couch potato Fred, starts going out with another couple, which then becomes one man. Dan sees her, warns her about Fred's possible reaction, but later accidentally blurts it out to Fred. Fred returns home upset, accuses Jackie of "adultery" and refuses to speak to her. Roseanne, with Bev's help, has Fred realize that his accusations against Jackie are unjustified, and he goes back. However, at this point Jackie is realizing that she's happier being single. The marriage proves to be short-lived because Jackie finds Fred boring, petty, and self-centered and they fall out of love. Jackie is crushed by the divorce at first, but moves on to become a successful single mom to Andy. Despite Jackie's apparent flightiness in the early episodes, Jackie is actually the backbone of the Conner/Harris family in many ways, as Roseanne admits in the last episode. In the final episode, it is also revealed that the character of Jackie had been a lesbian the entire time, and that Roseanne knew but had simply always pictured Jackie with a man.

[edit] Rebecca "Becky" Conner Healy Played alternately by Lecy Goranson (Seasons 1-5 and 8), and Sarah Chalke (Seasons 6, 7 and 9). Born March 15, 1975, Becky, the oldest of Roseanne and Dan's kids, is quite bright and is an overachiever, but she is also somewhat quick-tempered and sometimes angry with her parents and younger sister Darlene. She dates her rebellious biker boyfriend Mark Healy against her parents' wishes and then, at age 17, leaves home to marry him and move to Minneapolis. Later, Becky and Mark return home to live with Roseanne and Dan and then move out again into a trailer. In the final episode, it is revealed that she is pregnant with the couple's first child.

During the show's fifth season actress Lecy Goranson left to attend Vassar College. At first, her character Becky is merely absent from the show, explained in the story when she marries and moves away to live with her husband Mark. During the sixth season, however, the show's producers recast Becky with actress Sarah Chalke.

Because cast and crew believed that the eighth season of Roseanne would be its last, Goranson had signed back on only for that season. These changes are addressed within the show and become a running gag throughout season 8 as both Goranson and Chalke continue to alternate in the role of Becky, depending on Goranson's availability. During season eight, Goranson is credited in the opening sequence as a full-time cast member, and appears in 11 out of 25 episodes. Sarah Chalke makes five appearances and is credited as a guest star. In the show's ninth season, Chalke replaces Goranson full-time, and no further "in-jokes" about Becky's casting are made. At the end of the season 9 finale, it is hinted that Becky is pregnant. She did not want to mention it to the family because of Darlene having her baby and not wanting to steal the attention by announcing it to the family. In the same episode, it's also revealed that Becky had really been dating David the whole time in "real life", but was written in Roseanne's book as having been with Mark instead, as Roseanne felt it made more sense.

[edit] Darlene Conner Healy Played by Sara Gilbert. Born in 1977, Darlene in the early seasons is a "tomboy" who loves sports and has trouble in school, but during high school she becomes moody, artistic, an animal rights activist, and a vegetarian to more closely match the real-life views and personality of Sara Gilbert. During her freshman year of high school, she begins dating David, coincidentally the younger brother of Becky's husband, Mark. Darlene possesses the same sarcasm and domineering attitude as her mother, often causing the two to clash. Her bossy nature is best seen with David, who usually gives in to her will. Darlene is a very talented writer. Along with David's artistic talents, they begin working seriously on a graphic novel, and Darlene eventually applies for and is awarded early admission and a scholarship to an exclusive art school in Chicago before she finishes high school, which Roseanne allows her to attend after realizing it is her only chance to get out of Lanford and make a better life for herself as the writer Roseanne never was able to be. While in college, she meets a boy named Jimmy, whom she dates while still with David. David is aware she was dating Jimmy, and eventually tells her she has to choose between them. She chooses Jimmy. Later he dumps her because he couldn't get close to her. Darlene realizes she still likes David after going to a movie together and Roseanne talks the two of them into reconciling. Darlene later becomes pregnant by David and soon marries him. She eventually finishes art school and later gives birth to her daughter, Harris Conner-Healy. Harris is born very prematurely and almost doesn't survive, but becomes a healthy child by the series' end. In the series finale, it's revealed that Darlene had really been dating Mark the whole time in "real life", but was written in Roseanne's book as having been with David instead, as Roseanne felt it made more sense.

[edit] David Jacob "D. J." Conner Played by Sal Barone in the pilot, and Michael Fishman for the remainder of the series. Born in 1981, DJ is the youngest Conner child, and is frequently taunted by his sisters and peers. He is portrayed as being something of a simpleton in school and abnormal, for instance peeking at both Darlene and Becky naked at different times, as well as Becky finding dismembered Barbie dolls under his bed. As a teenager, he shows interest in filmmaking and eventually finds a girlfriend who shares his interests. One episode deals with DJ's relationship in a mature way, showing the couple's decision not to rush into a deep commitment too soon. In season three, it is stated that while Becky and Darlene were planned pregnancies for the Conners, DJ was a "surprise". it's revealed that DJ was the one who saved Dan's life by doing CPR on him, while the rest of the wedding attendees were shocked. This is subsequently retconned in the series finale, as it was revealed that Dan had actually died due to his heart attack at Darlene's wedding.

[edit] Other major characters [edit] David Healy Played by Johnny Galecki. David is Mark's younger brother, but he is very much Mark's opposite. David is soft-spoken, artistic, and intelligent and is in a relationship with Darlene for much of the series. He is a talented artist and draws comic books that Darlene writes, and his well-behaved manner endears him to the Conner family, who think of him as part of the family and jokingly refer to him as being more welcome in the family than Darlene is. He moves in with the Conners after Roseanne, a victim of child abuse, sees how abusive his family life is. He has a long-term off-and-on relationship with Darlene and eventually fathers her child. David often finds himself dominated by Darlene's powerful personality. In one episode, Roseanne points out to Dan that "David" isn't even his real name – just one Darlene came up with [In his first appearance on the show his name was Kevin Healy (Episode 4.14) and then changed to David Healy in his next appearance (Episode 4.18)]. David always tells the truth, as pointed out by Roseanne in an episode where David is down in the basement playing Monopoly (she believed he and Darlene were having sex until DJ came in holding a Monopoly box). She then tells David not to tell her or Dan the truth, explaining that they "raised three kids through lies and did just fine." He first appears in "The Bowling Show". (In that episode, he is referred to as "Kevin" – hence the above joke about his name.) In the series finale, Roseanne reveals that David had actually been dating Becky in "real life", and that Roseanne simply wrote his relationship as being with Darlene because she felt it made more sense.

[edit] Crystal Anderson Conner Played by Natalie West. Crystal was a neurotic but goodhearted friend of Roseanne and Jackie from childhood who later became Dan's stepmother, despite being roughly his age. A self-described "doormat" when it comes to men, she speaks with a Southern accent despite having grown up in Lanford because her father was from Arkansas. Crystal refers to most of her young life as a great tragedy, having been kicked out by her mother at aged sixteen and being forced to live with an aunt. She had previously married in May of the year she graduated high school (aged seventeen) but her first husband died just a year later and she soon found herself[clarification needed] married to another man, who she later divorced. Only then did she marry Sonny and conceived her son, Lonny, but did not give birth until after Sonny had died in a construction accident where he was entombed in a cement pillar holding up a bridge. Crystal grieved the death of Sonny through several years and couldn't pass over the bridge without falling into despair. Crystal worked at the Wellman Plastics factory with Roseanne and Jackie and quit in order to start a successful cosmetics sales career. Crystal married two times before she marries Dan's father, Ed (against Dan's strong disapproval), and bears two children, Little Ed and Angela with him. Their marriage is perceived to be happy, with Ed's absences creating most of the conflict. A regular cast-member for the first four seasons, Crystal appears as an occasional recurring character afterward.

[edit] Mark Healy Played by Glenn Quinn. Mark is an edgy "rebel without a cause"-type who dates and later elopes with Becky, much to the Conners' consternation. Despite Mark's tough-guy image, he is rarely seen to engage in criminal activity, except for the episode where he is intoxicated at the Lobo Lounge and punches through the glass of the bar's jukebox, and another time when he punches out Becky's verbally abusive boss at the Buy & Bag market, and when he moons photographers swarming the house after the Conners win the lottery. Mark is strongly disliked by Roseanne for his condescending attitude toward her. Dan initially dislikes Mark also but respects Mark's work ethic and hires him as a mechanic both at his bike shop and his truck-inspection office. Mark later proves himself to be a responsible, though dim-witted, husband and earns Roseanne's and the family's grudging respect. He has a younger brother, David, who dates (and later marries) Darlene and also two little sisters, Lisa and Nikki, who are much younger and appear briefly in the episode "No Place Like Home for The Holidays" from the 5th Season and are mentioned later to have moved with their dad when their parents divorced. In the series finale, Roseanne reveals that Mark had actually been dating Darlene in "real life", and that Roseanne simply wrote his relationship as being with Becky because she felt it made more sense.

[edit] Beverly Lorraine Harris Played by Estelle Parsons. Bev is the mother of Roseanne and Jackie and the wife of Al, as well as the daughter of Nana Mary. She has a half-sister named Sonya. She is overbearing and shrill and is avoided by all members of her family. She nags them with her shockingly whiny voice, often with good intentions but coming off the wrong way (in a discussion with Fred at the end of an episode, she reveals her attitude to be an act). The family (especially Jackie) tries to avoid spending any time with Beverly, as she is quick to inadvertently criticize how people live their lives (after going back and forth playing tricks on each other in one Halloween episode, Roseanne ultimately gets the upper hand by having a fake phone conversation with Bev in front of Dan where she agrees to let her mother stay for three weeks). She is very traditional and conservative, as opposed to her daughters' more liberal and feminist philosophies. She proves herself generous with the wealth she receives from her husband's alimony, constantly giving financial gifts to the family to bail them out. She even provides the seed money for the Lanford Lunch Box and insists on staying on as a partner, but is later forced out because Roseanne and Jackie do not want to work with her. As revenge, she sells her share of the restaurant to Roseanne's ex-boss and rival, Leon Carp, effectively making him their new partner. During the show's final season, she comes out as a lesbian (according to one of Roseanne's fictional twists on her family, along with winning the lottery), this is revealed in the finale in which Roseanne states that her mother is not a lesbian but that her sister is; she just thought it'd be interesting to put a radical twist on the character of her Mother, who lived her life according to her husband's rules, and because she wished her mother had a better sense of herself as a woman. Bev's relationship with her own mother is very similar to the one her daughters have with her.

[edit] Leon Karp Played by Martin Mull. Leon, originally as Roseanne's boss at Rodbell's Luncheonette and later as her business partner in The Lanford Lunchbox, is portrayed as a foil to Roseanne; they have a contentious, though occasionally friendly, relationship. As a gay man, he is occasionally seen dating many men and having romantic troubles; however, he later marries his life partner Scott (Fred Willard) in a very public ceremony. In the series finale, they announce their plans to adopt a little girl. He is especially upset when Roseanne wins the lottery, but Roseanne and Jackie end up relinquishing control of the restaurant to Leon and Nancy. Although neither character would have admitted it at any point in the series, Leon and Roseanne maintain a dynamic, banter-filled friendship. Leon is a Republican, and holds George H. W. Bush in high regard. He also is shown throughout the series' run to be a fan of Liza Minnelli, as well as Broadway.

[edit] Nancy Bartlett Thomas Played by Sandra Bernhard. Nancy is the part owner of the Lanford Lunch Box. She is married to Arnie but later comes out as a lesbian after he leaves her, then admits to being bisexual. She frequently is seen dating women; her first girlfriend is played by Morgan Fairchild. Nancy is never ashamed of her promiscuity, nor does she ever show any self-consciousness of her unusual behavior. In fact, she is one of the most self-confident of all the characters in the series, often even more than Roseanne. Her tendency toward self-absorption seems to only be quelled while dating a woman or being around Jackie. Nancy turns out to be a loyal and good friend to both Roseanne and Jackie throughout the series, although she doesn't hesitate to reprimand them for their selfishness and cruelty when they treat their mother, Bev, so harshly that Bev ends up crying about it for days afterward, while Nancy supports her.

[edit] Fred Played by Michael O'Keefe. Fred is a mechanic who works at the garage with Dan and is introduced to Jackie, leading to a one-night stand, accidental impregnation, and marriage. It takes a lot of encouragement for Jackie to eventually warm up and face the fact that Fred is the father of her child and therefore a part of their life (in the beginning, Jackie is still healing from her trauma with Fisher and is fearful of getting too close to another man). Fred at first assumes that Jackie's just putting him off lightly and initially doesn't understand that Jackie has been through a very traumatic experience that is not easily healed in addition to her dysfunctional childhood. Fred, being very conventional, is shocked by the Conners and Harrises' unconventional ways and cannot understand the whole subculture of Jackie's family. These two aspects, and his having very few of the same interests as Jackie, lead to the dissolution of his marriage to Jackie. Despite their attempts to make their marriage work, Jackie and Fred break up when they discover how incompatible they are.

[edit] Arnold Shemp Thomas Played by Tom Arnold. Arnie is the overweight, jovial friend of Dan. Originally, he was written as a relative stranger to both Roseanne and Jackie, although this was later retconned, and he was subsequently written as having gone to high school with them. He frequently cheats on the women he dates and is very ill-mannered. However, Arnie always tries to be a good friend to Dan. He marries Nancy but leaves her, claiming to be abducted by aliens (later played upon in the fourth-season finale's end-credit sketch, where he is seen conversing with aliens on a spaceship). Before he and Nancy are engaged, he has a one-night stand with a drunk Jackie. Arnie is often seen wearing a yellow University of Iowa sweatshirt (Tom Arnold attended the University of Iowa in real life). He is last seen in season 5, where he unsuccessfully tries to win Nancy back, even after finding out that she is a lesbian. Tom Arnold appears in the ending credits of a later episode, but is now playing Jackie Thomas (in his role on The Jackie Thomas Show), and none of the characters seem to recognize him.

[edit] Ed Conner Played by Ned Beatty. Ed is Dan's father, a charming, traveling salesman who always brings presents for the grandchildren. Dan has a troubled past with his father, but he is well-liked by everyone else. Ed never makes any blatant attempt on the show to anger Dan on purpose, but he often baits his son covertly (e.g., when Ed begins to date Crystal and when Dan questions him on it, Ed makes a rude crack about Dan being "interested" in Crystal). It usually doesn't take long for Dan to become annoyed at his father's presence. He is portrayed as irresponsible and neglectful of his first family, though it is later revealed he justified his actions in reference to raising Dan by reconciling his frequent commitment of Dan's mother to a mental institution with his desire to provide Dan with at least one stable parent as he would often be gone on sales trips during Dan's adolescence. He marries and has two children with Crystal, even though she is over 20 years younger than he is.

[edit] Al Harris Played by John Randolph. Al is Roseanne and Jackie's physically abusive father who has a mistress for over 20 years. Upon his death, Roseanne meets with his mistress, Joan, who doesn't know of Al's abuse of his family, as Al had led her to believe that Roseanne and Jackie were ungrateful to him despite his doing so much for them. Despite his violent nature, Al possesses a highly humorous nature that, in his passing, Roseanne thanks him for after reading a list of many things she hates him for doing to her and Jackie.

[edit] Andy Harris Jackie and Fred's son, born in 1994 on the episode "Labor Day". Jackie breastfeeds Andy at the altar while marrying Fred ("Altar Egos"). Andy was the ring bearer in Darlene and David's wedding ("The Wedding"). Jackie likes to dress him up in outfits Fred deems to be feminine. DJ makes it a point to spend time with Andy because he doesn't have any siblings. Andy and Jerry are like brothers and take naps together in the same crib, like their mothers, Jackie and Roseanne did.

[edit] Jerry Garcia Conner Played by Cole and Morgan Roberts. Born in 1995, Jerry is the family's baby, born to Roseanne and Dan when they are in their forties. His name is a tribute to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Roseanne's pregnancy in the seventh season was to coincide with her real-life pregnancy, made possible via fertility drugs and methods in a clinic (which Roseanne explains at the end of an episode in which she does not appear due to her pregnancy). Also, Roseanne explains at the end of the season 8 Halloween episode, her character became pregnant three months before the actress. Roseanne's labor was to occur during a Grateful Dead concert; however, because of Jerry Garcia's death in 1995, that was changed. Before Jerry's birth, it is understood that Roseanne's baby will be a girl. However, during the end credits following the birth episode, Roseanne explains to the audience that she wanted the baby's gender to be the same as her real-life child's.

[edit] Nana Mary Played by Shelley Winters. Nana Mary is Beverly's mother, and grandmother of Roseanne and Jackie who first appears in season three at a family barbecue. She has another daughter named Sonya. She makes several appearances from season three onwards, mostly during family occasions. She is a brash, outspoken, and lovable pensioner who gambles with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Unlike Bev, she is popular with the family. She also disagrees with her daughter on certain situations (such as siding with Jackie when Bev tries to get her to marry Fred, and revealing that she had two abortions, upsetting Bev who is against the idea). She outsmarts and drives Bev crazy, much to the amusement of Roseanne and Jackie, who usually endure the same torment from their own mother. Her character is often a comic relief for the family, as well as offering a balance between Roseanne and Jackie's relationship with their mother, and Bev's relationship with Nana Mary. She was promiscuous in her younger days and claims to have dated Pablo Picasso and Louis Armstrong. Mary had Bev with another man before marrying her deceased husband, Marvin. She tells Bev she was very young when she was born, and doesn't know who the father is, avoiding the subject whenever Bev brings it up. She is a big fan of a local radio call-in show that revolves around sex, and states, "If I don't call, they worry." Nana Mary's last appearance is in mid season nine, in which she finally has a heart to heart with her daughter, thus, closing the story on their relationship. Despite her absence, Bev goes on to appear at other family occasions, including the birth of her great-granddaughter.

[edit] Audrey Conner Played by Ann Wedgeworth and Debbie Reynolds. She is the mother of Dan Conner, and the ex-wife of Ed Conner. In Season Two she is introduced in, "We Gather Together", as a friendly, eccentric brunette woman who loves her son and her new boyfriend, as well as her successful career owning a travel agency. It's later revealed that she has a history of mental illness which Dan's father hid from him. She returns in person in season 9, angry at her son for putting her away, seemingly trying to kill him. (talk) 17:40, 29 October 2010 (UTC)

Your edit patterns strongly indicate that you are yet another IP sock of a long-banned user. That individual is well aware that repeated efforts to evade a site ban are not permissible, and that contributions from banned users are immediately reverted upon discovery. --Ckatzchatspy 10:16, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

What the crap?! so because you can't come up with a logical support for your disagreement/reversion of perfectly legitimate edits, I'm someone's sockpuppet. Please go troll elsewhere on the Internet. (talk) 02:33, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

Scandals and Non-Subject Info?[edit]

Several years ago maybe this article had many details surrounding Lawrences behavior and the reason for cancellation. His friction with Campbell was also documented, what happened to all of this? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 03:32, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

The content was deleted by an administrator back in August '09 due to poor sourcing and possible BLP issues. Pinkadelica 04:13, 30 March 2011 (UTC)

Here are sources that may help explain things:

WhisperToMe (talk) 17:43, 2 November 2012 (UTC)

I have been correcting the information for this show. Tommy and Pam was never married. They moved in together but decided to see other people in the same episode when they moved in together. Cole only lived with his Mother. They never showed any male to be Cole's father in the show. Also he dated "Big" Shirley in the beginning of the season not at the end. Cole never dated Laquita in any episode. Bruh-man was not related to Martin. He was not his older Brother. They met in the episode when Martin was hosting "Fight night" at his apartment. Watch all the episodes and you will see these adjustments are correct. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:12, 19 July 2016 (UTC)


An amazing sitcom that should come back Mmni (talk) 22:27, 11 December 2016 (UTC)