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Biased/Point of View?[edit]

Hey I get this line: 'While generally not as flamboyant as radio play-by-play man and infamous homer John Sterling..." what i think the term here employed by this write in contibutor;I don;'t evenknow i name; Homer is to mean or describe mostly Michael's style it being Homeric it taking off as Odysseus once does from Troy, Greece yet this time it is Troy, New York fromwhence Michael pushes off from still all and all a subtle differnce yet a good mind will quickly get it.

While I am a childhood fan of Michael's I tell you I know Michael long before anyone ever does even before his professors at his once highly touted highly venerated Bronx University he ascends upon while he is touring its reams of books Michael the Younger I called him during youth. His father a historian too I called Pliny the Elder.

Michael and I would play Rockem Sockem Robots passing the mornings away many sunny hot summer days and lazy afternoons thje two of us together on his porch pledging while we did "we'll never live, no way, ever, with no girl; not before we is ever married see" yet I also see he breaks his word to me here. While a kid he spoke with the same register and voice pattern as Butch on the Little Rascals.

Michael do you remember us making up our own lyrics to the TV theme song to Hunkleberry Hound? Mixing in the name of the very forgetable Yankees pitcher Bill Momboquette, into it? For you new kids it went sumptin like this see, "C'mon kids out on your front porch steps turn on your TV Sets and lets go do watch some Bill Momboquette get really pounded around...." Ah youth! Michale was a genius he really was...oh my...Michael is far from being flamboyant yet if I do I blame myself if he is. I forced him into it. I told him het you, Michael you and dem words ya way too monosyllabic wit'em ya need ta widen your view kid...see I tellz 'em dis. Michael Giglamesh you can easily mix the two up or might I say Michael and Hesiod. You see like Homer mentioned above and too below Michael earlier on follows what we both dis discover is our Bicameral Voice sumptin located in what doctors call is the Roche Area of our brain. Wernicke Area too I dink itz pernounced da ding surrounding the corpus collusum the people's there mid-brain. Michael used to call it his meddlesome priest. Oh how i would howl when he';d say sumptin like dat. I always love dat about Michael it and how he makes everybody call him Michael in front of his mom. He tells me it'll make her feel good she named him after the guy he says rides his shrimp fishing boat ashore down off Lung Islind. Halljelua.

Somebody now writes "seems quite biased to me. who decides what is 'flamboyant' or that someone is a "homer" ? I would like to see the line removed or edited." As opposed to being opionated there contributor? Michael I know 'em. He dont kare people talking like dis about 'em. One time he is heading to go home onto the Major Deegan heading norht by northwest probably the slyboots trying to trow evryboddies timin off to where he's going soise nobuddy follas him see? He takes off him in his liltte spider with its top down I yellz ta'em "Hey Mike" Here see I wait till I get full inflection him stopping seein if da cost is clear no traffic or nuttin' then he excellerates the spider I yellz ta 'em "See Ya!" He pounds his steerin wheel fogettin we wuz long time ago pals. Ya know? It didn't break my heart he didn't remember me. Nah. What mattas is da guy understands Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle we always will nose one anudder. Bell's Theorem stating Michael and meezs memories never stopped. There being a seemless whole two particles no matter how far apart they be know the sngle each utter is spinnin see? Depite Michale and me being split apart the 2nd Law of Angular Momentum tellin me me and Michael me and the grinder cart salesman down in Philly all of us is eternally connected never will we ever have to say See Ya and be sad about read the dribble and droll below how John Sterling is a homer. Like Sterling and Eric Heisenburg Niels Bohr and Faust with what he calls is the Copenhager interpretation let alone John Sterling's three kids cares what Readers below dink? He's taling about what is Infamous below. holy Cow. May the soul and spirit which made Phil Rizzuto, eternally rest in peace. My whole life predicates on Phil Rizzuto having been real not some voice occilating outside my black transistor portable radio. Niels Bohr I would be gettin all medieval with you here did ya ideas about reality lie... 00:32, 21 July 2006 (UTC)ConcernedUser4953829

It's easy to label John Sterling a homer. He is exactly that. He's probably flamboyant too. Infamous, however, is more a matter of opinion. Is he really infamous? I don't really think so.

I deleted alot of the very opinionated things written about the Michael Kay show. They were negative and I for one am a fan of the show and the part of this article written about the show is obviously written by someone who is not.

NPOV, 7 September 2006[edit]

  • "While generally not as flamboyant or incompetent as radio play-by-play man John Sterling..."
  • "best known for his cloying "See-ya!"
  • "Lately Kay has given that up after being universally mocked as overly pretentious and insufferable."
  • "Also, the further Kay is removed from Sterling, the better his style becomes"
  • "As Kay matures as a broadcaster, evidenced especially in his Centerstage series on YES, he has the potential to make a lasting mark on the medium. He would be wise to ignore the influences of incompetent, egomaniacal and self-serving boors like John Sterling and instead emulate another proud Fordham alumnus and arguably the greatest baseball announcer of all-time, Mr. Vin Scully."

Sheesh. You know, I don't like him that much either, but at least try to write articles NPOV.

Addaone 01:00, 7 September 2006 (UTC)

Section "Work Ethic"[edit]

This sections needs to go. It is completely biased in favor of the subject and adds little to the overall article. 08:14, 27 May 2007 (UTC)

Michael Kay Show[edit]

I would suggest noting after the paragraph about Neil Best's article, that Mike & The Mad Dog themselves (and also several other WFAN broadcasters) spent more time than anyone blasting CBS (their own boss) over the Imus firing. Therefore Kay may not be out of the running for that job, since CBS' own employees were criticizing them for weeks.

A hero and idol to many yankee fans?

Does this have any business on the page (not to mention Yankee isn't capitalized).

Here is Kay's finest work: —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:48, 20 September 2007 (UTC)

Aug 15, 2007[edit]

Kay was rather upset on his show today, and rightfully so, about the "suspension". There was no source, and things like this need to be removed as gross violations of WP:BLP. -- Avi 04:52, 16 August 2007 (UTC)

Massive BLP issues[edit]

The second half of this article was nearly one long WP:BLP violation. People, please bring sources for controversial statements, or they will be removed per policy. Thank you. -- Avi 05:46, 16 August 2007 (UTC)


Unless you have a source for the accusation of the suspension, you cannot add it to the article. Please post a link, or at the very least a reference, to somewhere in a reliable and verifiable source for that claim. Otherwise it is a WP:BLP violation, it will be reverted, and measures will be taken to protect the integrity of the wikipedia project. -- Avi 18:47, 17 August 2007 (UTC)

Just a reminder. Preventing WP:BLP and reverting vandalism (including removal of properly sourced information are not subject to WP:3RR limits. -- Avi 18:55, 17 August 2007 (UTC)