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I’m just learning the etiquette here. I didn’t realize that an autobiograhical summision was discouraged until this article had been flagged and I read through the NPOV documentation. I wanted to provide some basic facts after reading the Wikipedia article on the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, in which I’d been listed as a notable graduate of the program. Everything here is verifiable, and I’m happy to assist if anyone has questions, or needs to know more.

On the question of accuracy, I did want to raise a flag about the 1999 Austin Chronicle review of LAWNBOY (see external link). In the opening paragraph, the reviewer assumes that the book is autobiographical, and that I grew up, like the protagonist of the novel, in South Florida, neither of which are correct. So the review should be understood with that in mind.

Thanks, all, for your help and good work in assembling this article.

I removed the {{autobiography}} tag, as I didn't find the article doing much more than recounting facts. It could do with more sourcing but appears to pass WP:BIO for authors. --Dhartung | Talk 14:58, 16 October 2007 (UTC)