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"Lose You" spent 6 weeks on the ultratop dance chart and peaked at #11. "Shake yer dix" peaked at 27 on the ultratop dance chart.

"I Feel Cream" album peaked at 33 on the ultratop alternative albums chart, 

the website can be used to verify these. Her album "I Feel Cream" peaked at 152 on the UK albums chart. Fatherfucker peaked at 93 on the UK albums chart. "Shake yer dix" peaked at 97 on the UK singles chart. can be cited to varify the UK chart positions.

Does anyone know if she has charted in Germany?

Mermaid Cafe and the Shit[edit]

Her two bands during the 90s should be mentioned and if possible, in an "early life/before fame section" talks about Mermaid Cafe and its releases (Is it verifiable?) Allmusic mentions both bands in their bio of peaches, so it might be worth mentioning. Also, the band Mermaid cafe took their name ffrom the song of the same name by Joni Mitchell