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A list of the boat models he produced would be a nice addition. I've seen a 33, a 38 and 45 foot sloops (and sometimes ketch rigged).

Creekmore Models[edit]

45'/46' Sloop/Yawl built from 60's through 80's
42' Yawl - racing design?
38' & 36' Sloop/Yawl built in 50's & 60's
34' & 40' flush deck sloops built in 70's and 80's
30' sloop built in 60's
30' MORC racing design. built in 70's
27' sloop
23' sloop built in Medly, FL in the 70's
20/22/7m MORC racer
Some of these were designed and or built by his son Lee.-- 02:07, 11 June 2007 (UTC)