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Village Marghuz (مرغز كلي)[edit]

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== ==(Pukhtana lag- totey totey sho che ta pa ki la us Mandrn ao yousafzai Jodakawe--da yawazey tata na tolo Yusafzo Mandarno ta pata da che daa da dwao Rono aolad day ho -che Gajokhan baba ao Ahmad khan Baba ao dasy noro Masharano da khabara na da cheraley tttttttta paki La kam koja raghaley OZa da yousafzo ao Mandaro da kora----AO za pakhpala hum Mandarn yam--ho Yousaf zama baba day---Ahmad khan baba Mandarn day ho tol yousafzi ye khpal Salaar ao baba ganrey-------ao malomegee dasy che ta hado na Mandar ye ao na Yousafzai--5 sawa kala pas ta dasey Mashroot raghley---khpal sooch LAG LWE SATA RORA---AO da ALLAH da para yousazo ke TaQSEEM RANAWALEY----------------------Mardan Malakand DIR Buneer-Swat-shangla-Sawabay-Torghar da tol pa yoa yousafzo yadegee----------

First of all majority of swabiwals the leader after his father death) he died when y later on when this family increased they divided into further two families, one was Mand's family who were called "Mandarh or Mandarn" and the second was yousaf's smaller;" class="autosigned">— Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:12, 23 February 2012 (UTC)


Dewal or Dewol is one of the main village of Gadoon area of Swabi Distt,khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa,Pakistan. The Gadoon area was named after Gadoon tribe.The Gadoons/Jadoons make up 99% of Gadoon,s papulation.The remaining papulation are syeds,uthmanzais and Maingan.Gadoon area is one of the purest pashtun area where everyone speak pashtu and belong to the same tribe. Dewal is historical village of Gadoon tribe.The people of the village known for their pakhtunwali and bravery. In the past the village people shown their bravery in tribal wars. During the creation of Pakistan the people of Gadoon strongly oppose Pakistan and decided to live free. 100% people of Dewal village belong to the Gadoon/Jadoon tribe and speaks pashtu.They are belong to the sub-tribe Dolazai of Mansour-Jadoon/Gadoon

Makha is their tradtional game. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Gharghasht (talkcontribs) 14:47, 16 May 2011 (UTC)

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