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Best set/Musical vs. Best set/Play[edit]

I'm not sure there's really any practical need for separate articles yet, but the title of this one (specifying "Musical") is confusing when followed by the immediate statement that a single Tony is given for best design of a musical OR play (as indeed it has been, for most of the Tonys' history).

The article's title might as well change (revert?) to simply "Tony Award for Best Scenic Design" for the time being. But regardless of whether the play/musical division stands, mention should be made, near the top of the page, of the year (was it as recently as 2005?) when the award category of Best Scenic Design was subdivided between the two genres.

It would also be more convenient (regardless of the fact that most of the nominees, and even many of the winners, don't yet have articles of their own) if the names were linked each time they appear. The current links are inconsistent, so that, e.g., of John Lee Beatty's many nominations, only one links to his (still-to-be-written) article; Ben Edwards's name links twice, but appears multiple other times without being highlighted as a link, etc. Given the longevity of many of these designers' careers -- and assuming that their articles do eventually get written -- it could become a chore to find which of their multiple citations is the "hot" one.

Apparently people don't know what the difference between a musical and a play are. When did best scenic design become split? That'll dertimine when best scenic design should end and *musical and *play should begin. --Lekogm 18:43, 15 October 2006 (UTC)