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I have done some fairly major editing of this page today. I am removing the section on army men since that is redundant text covered in its own entry. I have merged the Nationally Specific material and the Marx content into a single paragraph that includes W Britain that had not yet been mentioned. In doing this I eliminated the reference to the Nazi . I have left the image, however, but think a more generic toy soldier image would be a better representation. Perhaps something showing both unpainted and painted examples. Something about figure painting would be a nice addition to Wikipedia if anyone who has some knowledge of the are would care to do an entry.


Ok... this sucks. Toy soldiers needs to be huge, expansive, detailed, and far larger than this. Coming from someone who doesn't like large articles... that's sad. I was expecting to find a WikiProject. Colonel Marksman 17:18, 13 November 2006 (UTC)


Comments like "this sucks," without any specific advice or helpful editing, are generally not useful on Wikipedia. I do agree, however, that the entry needs work. Over the past few days, I have made some revisions, including additional pictures, a new introduction, more history, more on gaming with toy soldiers, and a list of varieties of toy soldiers. Eventually it would be good to have separate sections for Dimestores, Flats, etc. along with pictures, but the list should serve for now. If people submit enough pictures, maybe we can set up a gallery at some point. --Jcbutler 16:56, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

Model solder worth credit[edit]

This article Toy soldier has proven alot in my own words. I'm writing a book on 'The Model Solder'and was wondering could I mentioned some of yor history, just a couple of the sentences and I will put them into my own words. Also may I have the picture on the Right one woud be most useful.

Thanks, Tom tom (talk) 11:51, 26 December 2007 (UTC)

Short, lead[edit]

I am not into toy soldiers so I won't edit it. Still:

1. This art is surprisingly short.

2. There is no separate mention of lead being the material of choice. What about consequences of playing with these: lead poisoning, etc. Zezen (talk) 06:50, 31 March 2017 (UTC)