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A HK or Japanese company?[edit]

I notice this company was classified as a Hong Kong company?--Huaiwei 12:18, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

It moved its headquarters to Hong Kong. — Instantnood 12:32 Mar 6 2005 (UTC)

So it has ceased to be a Japanese company?--Huaiwei 15:13, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Can't it be an MNC? — Instantnood 15:25 Mar 6 2005 (UTC)

Yes it can. So why it is only classified under HK, but not Japan? And as far as most people are concerned, it is much more a Japanese then a HK company.--Huaiwei 15:30, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for reminding. In fact I did it already after you started this section. — Instantnood 16:21 Mar 6 2005 (UTC)
This still is not categorized as a Japanese company. Kortoso (talk)

Shizuoka Location[edit]

Shizuoka is located west-southwest, almost west from Tokyo, not South from Tokyo, isn't it? Okumura 09:22, 22 May 2006 (UTC)

Other stores in the USA were bought by Mitsuwa, Maruwa, and Marukai, the latter two based in Los Angeles.[edit]

All the stores in the USA were bought and managed by Wanover, a holding company. Little Tokyo property was sold to Chinese investors. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Junswiki (talkcontribs) 05:49, 18 September 2007 (UTC)

Yaohan paper[edit]

This source:

Unfortunately I do not know where to find it, and Google searches turn up nothing. WhisperToMe (talk) 07:56, 20 January 2014 (UTC)