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For other uses, see Tanaka (disambiguation).
Family name
Pronunciation Tanaka
Meaning varies
Region of origin Japanese Shona language
Footnotes: [1]

Tanaka (たなか?) is the fourth most common Japanese surname. The surname "Tanaka" refers to several different surnames written with different kanji: ricefield & middle (田中?), many & middle (多中?), many & relationship (多仲?), another & middle (他中?), shelf & low (棚下?), shelf & summer (棚夏?), many & name & congratulation (多名賀?). Tanaka is also a common first name in the Zimbabwean language Shona which means "We have been made Beautiful". In Shona, the name is used as an expression to symbolise the beauty (the child) that has entered the lives of the parents and family.


Fictional characters[edit]

Drew Tanaka from The Heros of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles