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Telos (Greek: τέλος) is Greek for "purpose," "end," or "goal".

  • Telos — generic designation of taxes, used in both narrative texts and documents in Byzantium.

It may refer to one of the following:


  • Telos (company), a defense contractor and software business in Ashburn, Virginia
  • The Telos Alliance, a manufacturer of equipment for broadcasting stations
  • Telos Publishing, a publishing company that deals primarily in horror/fantasy and unofficial program guides


  • Telos (journal), a journal of politics, philosophy, and critical theory, and its accompanying publishing company, Telos Press
  • TELOS - Revista de Comunicación, Tecnología y Sociedad,[1] a review of communication and innovation, published by the Fundación Teléfonica
  • Telos (fanzine), a defunct fanzine

Computer science[edit]

In fiction[edit]


  • Telos (philosophy), the philosophical concept of purpose; it is related to teleology, the study of design, purpose, and intent
  • Telos Lake, in the Maine north woods
  • Tilos (Ancient Greek: Telos), a Greek island in the Dodecanese
  • TELOS (project management), an acronym used in Project Management regarding feasibility studies
  • "Telos", a song from the album The Parallax II: Future Sequence by American progressive metal band Between The Buried and Me.
  • Lornoxicam, an anti-inflammatory drug; one of its trade names