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Too big?[edit]

I think that even removing the bullets and years, or just having the years with links to the films, would still be too big. Maybe something like template:succession box?, tho I'm not sure if there really is a need to connect them. -- Jeandré, 2006-03-03t20:43z

Nominated for deletion[edit]

This template was nominated for deletion on March 4, 2006. The result was keep. The discussion has been archived here. Zzyzx11 (Talk) 00:54, 11 March 2006 (UTC)

New Version?[edit]

Just so you can see them side by side: This is the new version:

This is the old version:

This is my proposal:


I didn't like that the new version increased the size while decreasing the font. It has a lot of blank space. My version incorporates the idea of listing them by decades but compacts that into the space efficient older version. The disclaimer is a lot better than listing heiphenated dates. If someone wants to change the wording of it that would be fine by me. savidan(talk) (e@) 19:42, 18 March 2006 (UTC)

Two winners?[edit]

Why are Wings and Sunrise both listed for the same year? It is not explained on this template (obviously), and not in either article. Goodtimber (walk/talk) 04:52, 15 September 2008 (UTC)

Nevermind. Question answered on Academy Award for Best Picture. Goodtimber (walk/talk) 16:14, 16 September 2008 (UTC)