Tenbu (video game series)

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Tenbu Sangokushi Seishi
Cover art of Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi, the first game of the series
Genres Real-time strategy
Developers Wolf Team
Publishers Wolf Team (Telenet Japan)
Composers 135[1]
Platforms NEC PC-9801
Sega Mega-CD
Super Famicom

Tenbu (天舞?) is a series of Japan-exclusive real-time strategy video games based on the Three Kingdoms.

The first game Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi (天舞 三国志正史?) was released for the NEC PC-9801 in 1991.

It was later ported to the Sega Mega-CD in 1992 as Tenbu: Mega CD Special, and to the Super Famicom in 1993 as Sangokushi Seishi: Tenbu Spirits.



  • Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi[2][3] (PC-9801, 1991)
  • Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi - Scenario Collection[4] (PC-9801, 1992)
  • Tenbu Limited[5] (PC-9801, 1992)
  • Tenbu: Mankan Zenseki[6] (PC-9801, 1992)
  • Tenbu: Mega CD Special[7] (Mega-CD, 1992)
  • Sangokushi Seishi: Tenbu Spirits[8][9][10] (Super Famicom, 1993)

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