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Terry and Lander Halls were two connected residential towers on the south campus of the University of Washington. The set of buildings was named for Charles and Mary Terry and Judge Edward Lander.[1][2] who contributed part of the land for the original Territorial University's 10-acre (40,000 m2) Seattle campus in 1861.[3][4]

Architects for both towers were the firm of Young, Richardson, Carleton and Deltie. Unit 1, completed in 1953, was called Terry Hall and Unit 2, completed in 1957, was called Lander Hall.

The original Lander Hall was built in 1917 as the Aviation Dormitory for the U.S. Naval Training Camp, known as USNTC Building #39. After 1919 it served as the Men's Dormitory until it was torn down in 1928. It was designed by the Bremerton Navy Yard and was located southwest of the stadium along Montlake Boulevard. The original Terry Hall was built as the Naval Officers Dormitory in 1917 and known as USNTC Building #40. After the war it became the Men's Dormitory. It was located southwest of the stadium next to Lander Hall (#056). Also designed by the Bremerton Naval Yard, it was torn down in 1928.[5]

Lander Hall is the home to the First Year Experience, Residential FIG and Honors Communities.[6] Terry Hall is home to the Pre-Health Sciences Community.[7]

Lander Hall was demolished in 2012 and a new building named Lander Hall is now on the site. It is the third structure of the name.

Terry Hall was demolished in 2014 and will be replaced by a new building named Terry Hall and an additional building named Maple Hall. [8]


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