Terry and the Pirates (serial)

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Terry and the Pirates
Terry and the Pirates-1.jpg
Directed by James W. Horne
Produced by Larry Darmour
Written by Mark Layton
George Morgan
Joseph Levering
Screenplay based on the comic strip Terry and the Pirates created by Milton Caniff
Starring William Tracy
Granville Owen
Joyce Bryant
Allen Jung
Victor DeCamp
Sheila Darcy
Dick Curtis
Music by Lee Zahler
Cinematography James S. Brown, Jr.
Edited by Dwight Caldwell
Earl Turner
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
  • May 5, 1940 (1940-05-05)
Running time
15 chapters (300 min)
Country United States
Language English

Terry and the Pirates (1940) was the 10th film serial released by Columbia. It was based on the comic strip Terry and the Pirates created by Milton Caniff. In his biography, Meanwhile..., Caniff stated that he hated the serial for changing so much of his comic strip, and that "I saw the first chapter and walked out screaming."


Young explorer Terry Lee and his grown-up sidekick, Pat Ryan, arrive in the Asian jungles in search of Terry's father, Dr. Herbert Lee. The elder Lee is an archaeologist and leader of a scientific expedition seeking evidence of a lost civilization. Soon Terry discovers his father has been kidnapped by an armed pirate gang known as the Tiger Men. The gang is led by the evil Master Fang, a local warlord who controls half of the natives and holds the white settlers in fear. Fang is seeking the riches hidden beneath the Sacred Temple of Mara. Terry meets the Dragon Lady, who is determined her kingdom shall not be invaded. Attacked by Fang, his henchman Stanton and the Tiger Men, Terry and Pat try valiantly to locate the missing Dr. Lee, uncover the secrets of the lost civilization, and recover the hidden treasure of Mara. After joining forces with Connie, Normandie and the Dragon Lady, the heroes have myriad varied adventures in the inhospitable environment.


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. Into the Great Unknown
  2. The Fang Strikes
  3. The Mountain of Death
  4. The Dragon Queen Threatens
  5. At the Mercy of the Mob
  6. The Scroll of Wealth
  7. Angry Waters
  8. The Tomb of Peril
  9. Jungle Hurricane
  10. Too Many Enemies
  11. Walls of Doom
  12. No Escape
  13. The Fatal Mistake
  14. Pyre of Death
  15. The Secret of the Temple


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