The Blood (Seinfeld)

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"The Blood"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 4
Directed by Andy Ackerman
Written by Dan O'Keefe
Production code 904
Original air date October 16, 1997
Guest appearance(s)
Season 9 episodes
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Blood" is the 160th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the fourth episode for the ninth and final season. It aired on October 16, 1997.[1] This was Lloyd Bridges's last television performance before his death.


Jerry's parents are concerned about his lack of exercise and thus Jerry, realizing he is out of shape, starts a purification program to improve his diet. Jerry's parents eventually buy him sessions with an elderly personal trainer, Izzy Mandelbaum, who's going to help him work out. Elaine visits her friend Vivian (Kellie Waymire) and is disappointed when Vivian implies that Elaine is not responsible enough to watch her son Jimmy. Meanwhile, George decides he needs to add food as a part of his sex life when his girlfriend lights some vanilla-scented incense, whose overpowering scent makes him hungry. His girlfriend only tolerates some food items, and is disgusted when George attempts to kiss her while eating a sandwich; George then contrives a way to separate pudding skin from the pudding, creating pudding skin singles and arrives at the decision to add television to his equation so as to make food and sex even better ("the Trifecta"). However, George's girlfriend becomes displeased upon discovering him eating a pastrami sandwich while watching a portable TV during foreplay. This later creates problems for George, as he cannot eat anything without becoming aroused.

Kramer has been storing his blood at a blood bank whose rates increase and, retaliating, he decides to store the blood himself. Vivian then decides that Kramer would be a good choice for a baby-sitter; however, Elaine orders him out and declares that she'll take over. Kramer tries to complain, but Elaine pushes him out. Jerry sustains a hobby knife wound which causes him to require a blood transfusion; ultimately, he receives three pints of Kramer's blood. Jerry becomes upset, saying that he can feel Kramer's blood borrowing stuff from his blood. He becomes even more distraught when Kramer deems him a blood brother and later takes even greater advantage of Jerry by reminding him of their new tie (such as using Jerry's apartment for his own needs e.g. making sausages with Newman.) Izzy mistakenly assumes those sausages belong to Jerry, so he increases the training. Meanwhile, Jimmy proves to be a very bratty kid and Elaine comes to hate her new responsibility, so she tries to make herself appear irresponsible; to make matters worse, Vivian reveals that she might have a health problem that could be serious and would Elaine look after Jimmy. To avoid being responsible, Elaine uses George as a "pinch weasel." However, George decides that he has found the woman of his dreams due to her sensual appreciation of pastrami. Kramer borrows Jerry's air-conditioned car to return his blood to the bank. The car overheats because the radiator is dry, but not for long, as he fills it with blood. Jerry's final workout with Izzy results in an injury that requires another blood transfusion; this time however, the blood is not Kramer's, but Newman's, much to Jerry's (and Kramer & Newman's) horror.


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