The Boatlift

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The Boatlift
The Boatlift.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 27, 2007
Pitbull chronology
El Mariel
The Boatlift
Pitbull Starring in Rebelution
Singles from Pitbull
  1. "Go Girl"
    Released: 2007
  2. "The Anthem"
    Released: March 4, 2007
  3. "Sticky Icky"
    Released: May 15, 2007
  4. "Secret Admirer"
    Released: November 27, 2007

The Boatlift is the third studio album by Miami rapper Pitbull. It was released on November 27, 2007. The singles are "Go Girl", "The Anthem", "Secret Admirer", and "Sticky Icky". The song "Fuego (Remix)" was featured on the video game Madden NFL 2008.

The album debuted at number 50 on the Billboard 200, with sales of 32,084 copies in its first two weeks.[1]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[3]
DJBooth3.5/5 stars[4]
Okayplayer4/5 stars[5]
Slant Magazine3/5 stars[7]

The Boatlift garnered a positive reception from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 69, based on 5 reviews.[2]

Patrick Taylor of RapReviews praised the album's versatile production for going beyond crunk music and showing depth in club anthems, concluding that "Pitbull continues to prove himself as an MC who is able to bridge Latin hip hop and Southern hip hop, creating a sound that should appeal to fans from both camps. He may not be the deepest lyricist on earth, and his attempts at bedroom music may fall flat, but he makes a mean soundtrack for a night out."[6] DJBooth's Nathan Slavik praised Pitbull for exploring vastly different genres to create party tracks with a worldview appeal and doing them with a talented cast of featured artists and producers, saying that "The Boatlift isn’t going to expand your intellectual or spiritual horizons, but it is without question a go-to album for all your booty-shakin needs."[4] Jose Davila of Vibe also praised the album's genre-hopping production mixing well with Pitbull's bilingual, charismatic flow, saying that it "solidifies Pitbull's position as one of the most diverse party MCs around. And little else."[8]

Wilson McBee of Slant Magazine said that, "For better or worse, the story of Boatlift concerns more the production and song structures than Pitbull’s own rapping. It’s clear he’d rather be a chorus-shouter than a verse-spitter, or at least he believes that will help him sell more records."[7] AllMusic's David Jeffries commended the production and lyrical hooks for being catchy but felt that it lacked a sense of personality and talent compared to El Mariel, saying to consider The Boatlift "a fun floor-filler, but just not up to Pitbull's usual standards."[3] A writer for Music for America felt that Pitbull was wasting his talent throughout the record rhyming typical club tracks and party jams and would like to see him collaborate with artists like Little Brother, 2Mex, Deep Thinkers and Roots Manuva.[9]

Track listing[edit]

Track listing confirmed by iTunes,[10] and songwriting credits was confirmed by AllMusic[3] and the album's Liner Notes.[11]

1."A Little Story (Intro)"Armando C. Perez 1:08
2."Go Girl" (featuring Trina & Young Bo$$)A. C. Pérez, David Bowen-Petterson, Kenneth CobySoundz3:49
3."Dukey Love" (featuring Trick Daddy & Fabo)A. C. Pérez, Michael Crooms, Lefabian Williams, Maurice YoungMr. Collipark3:45
4."I Don't See 'Em" (featuring Cubo & AIM)A. C. Pérez, Brian Rodriguez, Esteban Trujillo, Frank RomanTru3:59
5."Midnight" (featuring Casely)A. C. Pérez, Gravriel AminovVein3:32
6."Ying & the Yang"A. C. Pérez, LaMarquis Jefferson, Craig Love, Larry "Detroit" Nix, Jonathan SmithLil Jon
Keke & Amy (coordinators)
7."The Anthem" (featuring Lil Jon)A. C. Pérez, Calixto Ochoa, Wilfredo Martínez Matos, Rune Reilly KölschLil Jon, Albert Castillo, Rich "DJ Riddler" Pangilinan4:05
8."The Truth (Interlude)"A. C. Pérez 0:54
9."Candyman" (featuring Twista)A. C. Pérez, Paul "Echo" Irizarry, Armando "Diesel" Rosario, Carl MitchellBrown Thugz, Diesel, Echo3:11
10."Sticky Icky" (featuring Jim Jones)A. C. Pérez, J. Smith, Joseph Jones IILil Jon3:42
11."My Life" (featuring Jason Derulo)A. C. Pérez, Lionel "Deadbeat" Delao, Adrian SantallaLionel "Deadbeat" Delao, Adrian Santalla3:44
12."Secret Admirer" (featuring Lloyd)A. C. Pérez, Carlton "Carl Mo" Mahone Jr., Rodney Terry, Juan Salinas, Oscar SalinasPlay-N-Skillz3:18
13."Get Up / Levantate"A. C. Pérez, J. Salinas, O. Salinas, Robert Ford Jr., James B. Moore III, Kurtis Walker, Larry Smith, Russell SimmonsPlay-N-Skillz3:17
14."Fuego (DJ Buddha Remix)" (featuring Don Omar)A. C. Pérez, M. Crooms, William Landrón Rivera, Tony ButlerMr. Collipark, Tom Slick3:49
15."Stripper Pole (Remix)" (featuring Toby Love)A. C. Pérez, Eddie Pérez, Rafael Martinez, Michael Pierre, Octavio RiveraEddie Perez3:56
16."Un Poquito" (featuring Yung Berg)A. C. Pérez, Matthew "110% Pure" Bradley, Christian Ward110% Pure, Big Lo3:42
17."Tell Me (Remix)" (featuring Frankie J & Ken-Y)A. C. Perez, J. Smith, Francisco Bautista Jr., Kenny VasquezLil Jon4:34
18."Mr. 305 (Outro)"A. C. Pérez 0:45
Total length:58:43
Sample credits


Unless otherwise noted, Information is taken from AllMusic[3] and the album's Liner Notes[11]

  • Pitbull - lead vocals
  • AIM - guest vocals (4)
  • Kori Anders - assistant audio mixing (16)
  • Keith Bizz - audio mixing (5)
  • Leslie Brathwaite - audio mixing (16)
  • Reather Bryant - percussion (14)
  • Al Burna - recording engineer (1, 5, 8-9, 14, 17-18)
  • Josh Butler - recording engineer (12)
  • Casely - additional vocals (5)
  • Albert Castillo - recording engineer, audio mixing (7)
  • Juan "Juan Ya" Chavis - background vocals (15)
  • Steven Cruz - guitar (15)
  • Cubo - guest vocals, recording engineer (4)
  • Ryan Deaunovich - bongos
  • Juan "John Q." DeJesus - background vocals (15)
  • Miguel DeJesus - background vocals (15)
  • DJ Buddha - remixing (14)
  • DJ Ideal - recording engineer (4)
  • Fabo - additional vocals (3)
  • Steve Fisher - recording engineer (12)
  • Jonathan "JaShell" Gelabert - background vocals (15)
  • Adam Gomez - bass guitar (15)
  • Danny Guira - guiro
  • Eddie Hernandez - assistant audio mixing (2, 12, 14)
  • LaMarquis Jefferson - bass guitar (6)
  • Harold Jones - percussion (14)
  • Julissa - background vocals (15)
  • Dawin Lapache - guitar, bass guitar (15)
  • Ari Levine - recording engineer (16)
  • Lil Jon - audio mixing (6)
  • Craig Love - guitar (6)
  • Toby Love - vocal arrangement, background vocals (15)
  • Jose "Jumanji Guira" Martinez - guiro (15)
  • Rafael Martinez - background vocals (15)
  • Ping "A. Fuegoski" Montana - bongos (15)
  • Detroit Nix - keyboards (6)
  • Steve Obas - recording engineer (2)
  • Eddie "Scarlito" Perez - piano, all keyboards, vocal arrangement, recording engineer, audio mixing (15)
  • Raulito - bongos
  • Leroy S. Romans - piano, all keyboards, background vocals (15)
  • Adrian "Drop" Santalla - recording engineer (2, 11, 13)
  • Young Rico Scott - percussion (14)
  • Ray Seay - audio mixing (2-3, 6, 9-12, 14, 17)
  • Stephen Siravo Jr. - assistant audio mixing (15)
  • Justin Trawick - assistant audio mixing (16)
  • Trina - additional vocals (2)
  • Yaharia Vargas - background vocals (15)
  • Andrea Venezuela - additional vocals (16)
  • Mark Vinten - recording engineer (6, 10, 17)


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