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This article is about a private school in Seattle, Washington. For the school of government at Texas A&M University, see Bush School of Government and Public Service.
The Bush School
3400 E Harrison St
Madison Valley
Seattle, Washington 98112
United States
Coordinates 47°37′23″N 122°17′20″W / 47.622996°N 122.288776°W / 47.622996; -122.288776 (The Bush School)Coordinates: 47°37′23″N 122°17′20″W / 47.622996°N 122.288776°W / 47.622996; -122.288776 (The Bush School)
School type Private
Motto Experience Education
Established 1924 (1924)
Founder Helen Taylor Bush
Head of school Percy Abram
Faculty 85
Employees 45
Grades K to 12

K-5: 185
6-8: 160

9-12: 235
Campus size 6 acres (24,000 m2)
Accreditation Northwest Association of Accredited Schools

The Bush School is the only independent private K-12 school in Seattle, Washington. The Bush School enrolls 630 students.[1]


Founded in 1924 by Helen Taylor Bush in her home on Dorffel Drive E., the school moved to its present location on Lake Washington Boulevard E. in 1930. This land had previously been occupied by Lakeside School, which moved to Haller Lake in the north end of the city.

Helen Bush–Parkside, as it was then known, was coeducational through 6th grade. 7th through 12th grades were girls only. In 1970, the Upper School began accepting boys, and the school changed its name to The Bush School.

During the 2005-06 school year, Bush began a remodel of the Lower School (Grades K-5) campus; the project was called "Build Bush Phase 2." The original Lower School buildings were torn down and grades 1-4 were housed at the Spruce Street School campus for the majority of the 2005-06 year. The 5th grade was located in a portable classroom, for about half the year, then moved up to the Upper School for the second half. Originally, grades 1-4 moved to ICS, but relocated when concerns about the air quality arose. The remodel was officially finished in November 2006. The new campus includes modern brick buildings, a new library, a turf playfield, a new gymnasium, a fitness center, and new K-5 classrooms.


Bush School campus, 2015

The school's mission is "To spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for learning, accomplishment, and contribution to their communities." [2]

Students are given the opportunity to do homestays in various countries, and can apply to do a Senior Project during the last month of their high school career. Students may also play on various sports teams, and take part in school plays and musicals. Bush offers a wide variety of sports, including soccer, track and field, cross country running, cross country skiing, golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and ultimate frisbee.

Notable alumni[edit]


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