The Fall of The House of Gryffen

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07 – The Fall of The House of Gryffen
  • Robyn Moore – June Turner
  • Connor Van Vuuren - Inspector Drake
Directed by Karl Zwicky
Written by Everett DeRoche
Graeme Farmer
Produced by Penny Wall
Richard Stewart
Simon Barnes
Series Series 1
Length 30 minutes
Originally broadcast 15 February 2010 (Scandinavia)
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"Fear Itself" "Jaws of Orthrus"

"The Fall of The House of Gryffen" is an episode in the Australian/British science fiction drama television series K-9. It is the seventh episode of Series 1.


Darius, Starkey and Jorjie spend a very spookey evening at Gryffen's mansion.


June gives Jorjie permission to stay until a violent storm passes. Gryffen has been working on the Space-Time Manipulator and a bolt of energy starts up the machine and brings spectres from Gryffen's past materialising in the mansion causing mayhem. K-9 sees the ghosts for what they really are and the group have to convince Gryffen before the youngsters life forces are drained away so that the alien beings can take psychical form.

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