The First Ten Years (box set)

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The First Ten Years
First ten years.jpg
Box set by
Released24 February – 28 April 1990
GenreHeavy metal
Iron Maiden box sets chronology
The First Ten Years
Eddie's Head

The First Ten Years is a series of 10 CDs and double 12" singles by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released between 24 February and 28 April 1990, in commemoration of the band's ten-year recording anniversary.[1]

Each CD/double 12" contains two singles, complete with original B-sides and artwork, as well as an edition of "Listen with Nicko", a spoken-word track in which drummer Nicko McBrain would recount the history behind each song specific to that release.[1] Each part in the series included a special voucher, all ten of which could be exchanged by mail order for a limited edition storage box.[2]

Iron Maiden also released The First Ten Years: The Videos on VHS videotape and laserdisc, containing all 16 of the band's promotional music videos up to and including 1990's "Holy Smoke".[3]

Track listings[edit]

"Running Free" & "Sanctuary"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Running Free"Steve Harris, Paul Di'Anno1980 ~ Iron Maiden3:18
2."Burning Ambition"Harris1980 ~ Running Free2:41
3."Sanctuary"Harris, Dave Murray, Di'Anno1980 ~ Iron Maiden3:14
4."Drifter" (Live in 1980)Harris1980 ~ Sanctuary6:03
5."I've Got the Fire" (Live in 1980) (Montrose Cover)Ronnie Montrose1980 ~ Sanctuary3:14
6."Listen With Nicko! Part. I"Nicko McBrain 9:29
"Women in Uniform" & "Twilight Zone"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Women in Uniform" (Skyhooks Cover)Greg Macainsh1980 ~ Women in Uniform3:10
2."Invasion"Harris1980 ~ Women in Uniform2:39
3."Phantom of the Opera" (Live in 1980)Harris1980 ~ Women in Uniform7:12
4."Twilight Zone"Murray, Harris1981 ~ Twilight Zone2:35
5."Wrathchild"Harris1981 ~ Killers2:56
6."Listen With Nicko! Part. II"McBrain 8:02
"Purgatory" & "Maiden Japan (EP)"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Purgatory"Harris1981 ~ Killers3:22
2."Genghis Khan"Harris1981 ~ Killers3:07
3."Running Free" (Live in 1981)Harris, Di'Anno1981 ~ Maiden Japan3:08
4."Remember Tomorrow" (Live in 1981)Harris, Di'Anno1981 ~ Maiden Japan5:46
5."Killers" (Live in 1981)Harris, Di'Anno1981 ~ Maiden Japan4:51
6."Innocent Exile" (Live in 1981)Harris1981 ~ Maiden Japan4:02
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. III"McBrain 7:42
"Run to the Hills" & "The Number of the Beast"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Run to the Hills"Harris1982 ~ The Number of the Beast3:55
2."Total Eclipse"Harris, Murray, Clive Burr1982 ~ Run to the Hills4:28
3."The Number of the Beast"Harris1982 ~ The Number of the Beast4:52
4."Remember Tomorrow" (Live in 1981)Harris, Di'Anno1982 ~ The Number of the Beast (Single)5:27
5."Listen With Nicko! Part. IV"McBrain 8:23
"Flight of Icarus" & "The Trooper"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Flight of Icarus"Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson1983 ~ Piece of Mind3:54
2."I've Got the Fire" (Montrose Cover)Montrose1983 ~ Flight of Icarus2:40
3."The Trooper"Harris1983 ~ Piece of Mind4:14
4."Cross-Eyed Mary" (Jethro Tull Cover)Ian Anderson1983 ~ The Trooper3:55
5."Listen With Nicko! Part. V"McBrain 9:49
"2 Minutes to Midnight" & "Aces High"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."2 Minutes to Midnight"Smith, Dickinson1984 ~ Powerslave6:07
2."Rainbow's Gold" (Beckett Cover)Terry Slesser, Kenny Mountain1984 ~ 2 Minutes to Midnight4:56
3."Mission From 'Arry"McBrain, Harris1984 ~ 2 Minutes to Midnight6:43
4."Aces High"Harris1984 ~ Powerslave4:33
5."King of Twilight" (Nektar Cover)Nektar1984 ~ Aces High4:53
6."The Number of the Beast" (Live in 1983)Harris1984 ~ Aces High4:59
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. VI"McBrain 9:45
"Running Free" (Live) & "Run to the Hills" (Live)
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Running Free" (Live in 1985)Harris, Di'Anno1985 ~ Live After Death3:28
2."Sanctuary" (Live in 1985)Harris, Murray, Di'Anno1985 ~ Running Free (Live)4:40
3."Murders in the Rue Morgue" (Live in 1984)Harris1985 ~ Running Free (Live)4:32
4."Run to the Hills" (Live in 1985)Harris1985 ~ Live After Death4:06
5."Phantom of the Opera" (Live in 1984)Harris1985 ~ Live After Death7:28
6."Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)" (Live in 1984)Harris1985 ~ Run to the Hills (Live)4:15
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. VII"McBrain 11:54
"Wasted Years" & "Stranger in a Strange Land"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Wasted Years"Smith1986 ~ Somewhere in Time5:08
2."Reach Out" (The Entire Population of Hackney Cover)Dave Colwell1986 ~ Wasted Years3:30
3."Sheriff of Huddersfield"Iron Maiden1986 ~ Wasted Years3:35
4."Stranger in a Strange Land"Smith1986 ~ Somewhere in Time5:44
5."That Girl" (FM Cover)Andy Barnett, Merv Goldsworthy, Pete Jupp1986 ~ Stranger in a Strange Land5:04
6."Juanita" (Marshall Fury Cover)Steve Barnacle, Derek O'Neil1986 ~ Stranger in a Strange Land3:46
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. VIII"McBrain 12:20
"Can I Play With Madness" & "The Evil That Men Do"
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Can I Play With Madness"Smith, Dickinson, Harris1988 ~ Seventh Son of a Seventh Son3:32
2."Black Bart Blues"Harris, Dickinson1988 ~ Can I Play With Madness6:40
3."Massacre" (Thin Lizzy Cover)Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey1988 ~ Can I Play With Madness2:53
4."The Evil That Men Do"Smith, Harris, Dickinson1988 ~ Seventh Son of a Seventh Son4:34
5."Prowler" (1988 Version)Harris1988 ~ The Evil That Men Do4:07
6."Charlotte the Harlot" (1988 Version)Murray1988 ~ The Evil That Men Do4:11
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. IX"McBrain 10:46
"The Clairvoyant" (Live) & "Infinite Dreams" (Live)
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."The Clairvoyant" (Live in 1988)Harris1988 ~ The Clairvoyant (Live)4:27
2."The Prisoner" (Live in 1988)Smith, Harris1988 ~ The Clairvoyant (Live)6:08
3."Heaven Can Wait" (Live in 1988)Harris1988 ~ The Clairvoyant (Live)7:09
4."Infinite Dreams" (Live in 1988)Harris1989 ~ Infinite Dreams (Live)6:02
5."Killers" (Live in 1988)Harris, Di'Anno1989 ~ Infinite Dreams (Live)5:01
6."Still Life" (Live in 1988)Murray, Harris1989 ~ Infinite Dreams (Live)4:38
7."Listen With Nicko! Part. X"McBrain 11:18

Chart positions[edit]

Single Chart (1990) Position
"Running Free / Sanctuary"
  • Released: 24 February 1990
Irish Singles Chart 23[4]
UK Albums Chart 10[5]
"Women in Uniform / Twilight Zone"
  • Released: February 1990
"Purgatory / Maiden Japan"
  • Released: March 1990
"Run to the Hills / The Number of the Beast"
  • Released: March 1990
"Flight of Icarus / The Trooper"
  • Released: March 1990
"2 Minutes to Midnight / Aces High"
  • Released: March 1990
"Running Free (live) / Run to the Hills (live)"
  • Released: March 1990
"Wasted Years / Stranger in a Strange Land"
  • Released: April 1990
"Can I Play with Madness / The Evil That Men Do"
  • Released: April 1990
"The Clairvoyant / Infinite Dreams"
  • Released: April 1990


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