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The Moog Cookbook is an American electronic duo consisting of Brian Kehew and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (performing under the aliases "Uli Nomi" and "Meco Eno," respectively). The duo uses analog Moog synthesizers exclusively and is both a parody of and tribute to the novelty Moog records of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which featured cover versions of popular songs using the then-new Moog synthesizer. The band's name is derived from a 1978 cookbook, Moog's Musical Eatery, written by Shirleigh Moog, the first wife of synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog.

The liner notes of their first album, The Moog Cookbook, contain the tagline "No MIDI." This is a direct parody of the "No Synthesizers!" tagline found in the liner notes of Queen albums throughout the 1970s and was also included to elucidate that the duo played all synth parts by hand, rather than using the more common modern technique of computer sequencing.

The Moog Cookbook released two albums in the mid-1990s: The Moog Cookbook (1996) featured instrumental cover versions of contemporary alternative rock songs, while its follow-up, Ye Olde Space Bande (1997), featured similar covers of classic rock tracks. The pair reunited in 2004 to record "Bob's Funk" for the soundtrack of the film Moog, a documentary on the life of Robert Moog.

In 2006, the pair independently released Bartell, an archival compilation album consisting of tracks recorded for compilations and soundtracks, remixes for other artists, holiday songs and other rarities.


  • The Moog Cookbook (1996)
  • Ye Olde Space Bande (1997)
  • Moog (soundtrack) (2004)
  • Bartell (2006)

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