The Movie (song)

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"The Movie"
Song by The Doors from the album An American Prayer
Released November 1978
Recorded 1970 (spoken word)
Genre Musique concrète, spoken word, poetry
Length 1:35
Label Elektra
Writer Jim Morrison
Producer Robbie Krieger
Ray Manzarek
John Densmore
Frank Lisciandro
John Haeny
An American Prayer track listing
"Stoned Immaculate"
"The Movie"
"Curses, Invocations"

The Movie is a poem about the mystery and seductive power of cinema, written and recorded by Jim Morrison. Morrison's influences for this poem is from his time at U.C.L.A. in 1964. It became a track on the official studio album by The Doors, An American Prayer, which includes poetry by Morrison and music by the band. The musique concrète piece includes microphone sounds. The track is an influence from avant-garde composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage. Along with Babylon Fading, Horse Latitudes and Dawn's Highway, it is one of the only Doors tracks that include poetry and musique concrète influences. The track is played at the beginning of the film about the band.