The Mystic Nine

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The Mystic Nine
Mystic Nine 2016.jpg
Official Drama Poster
Also known asLao Jiu Men
Old Nine Gates
Based onDaomu Biji by Nanpai Sanshu
Written byBai Yicong
Directed byLiang Shengquan
He Shupei
Huang Junwen
StarringWilliam Chan
Lay Zhang
Zhao Liying
Ying Haoming
Hu Yunhao
Yuan Bingyan
Opening themeMy Clan by William Chan
Returning Soul Door by Anson Hu
Ending themeDian Yu Si by Li Nan
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes48
Producer(s)Zhang Yuxin
Li Guohua
Bai Yicong
Production location(s)Zhejiang, Hengdian
Running time40 mins
Production company(s)Ciwen Media Group, iQiyi
Original networkiQiyi, Dragon TV
Original release4 July (2016-07-04) –
17 October 2016 (2016-10-17)
Related showsThe Lost Tomb

The Mystic Nine (Chinese: 老九门; pinyin: Lǎo Jiǔ Mén, lit. Old Nine Gates) is a prequel to the Chinese television series The Lost Tomb based on the internet novel Daomu Biji. It aired on Dragon TV and was broadcast online via iQiyi from 4 July to 17 October 2016.

The drama is a commercial success in China. It is one of the most watched Chinese dramas, with over 12 billion views in total.[1]


During the era of the republic, the town of Changsha was guarded by nine families known as the "Old Nine Gates" (or the "Mystic Nine" Clan). They were incredibly powerful families who wield supreme power over everything in Changsha.

In year 1933, a mysterious train ended in Changsha station. The leader of the Nine Gates, Zhang Qishan (William Chan) who was also the army commander of Changsha station, started to investigate with Qi Tiezui (Ying Haoming) and they discovered a highly suspicious mine just outside of Changsha. In order to solve the mystery of the mine, they decided to engage the help of Er Yuehong (Lay Zhang) who was an opera singer that came from a family of archaeologists. However Er Ye was reluctant to help them as his wife Ya Tou (Yuan Bingyan) was terminally ill. In order to procure the medicine for treating her, Fo Ye travelled to Beiping with Er Ye, Ba Ye and Ya Tou and they met the young mistress of the hotel Yin Xinyue (Zhao Liying) there. The five of them later returned to Changsha and discovered the how the mystery of the mine was connected to their families’ histories and the Japanese’s sinister plot against Changsha.



  • William Chan as Zhang Qishan (张启山), also known as Fo Ye. The leader of the mystic nine clan and a defense commander for the city of Changsha. He has a strong military influence and the people’s trust. Became leader after a rumor spread all over Changsha of him teleporting a Golden Buddha over to his manor in one night.
  • Lay Zhang as Er Yuehong (二月红), casually known as Er Ye, is the second master of the mystic nine clan. An expert at tomb raiding due to his family background, but chooses to become an opera singer due to his passion. He specializes in metal pellets and martial arts just like Zhang Qi Shan. He loves Ya Tou dearly.
  • Zhao Liying as Yin Xinyue (尹新月), mistress of Xin Yue hotel. Zhang Qishan's love interest and later wife.
  • Ying Haoming as Qi Tiezui (齐铁嘴), also called Ba Ye and as Lao Ba, is the eighth master of the mystic nine clan. Saved by Zhang Qishan after he was captured by the Japanese bandits. He is skilled in fortune-telling and divination.
  • Hu Yunhao as Chen Pi Ah Si (陈皮阿四), fourth master of the mystic nine clan who is known for his cruel ways. Specializes in metal pellets and the flying guillotine. He is the disciple of Er Yuehong and Ya Tou and works at their residence. Also has a special love interest for Ya Tou. Falls prey to all kinds of rumors and talks from Commander Lu and The Japanese.
  • Zhang Ming en as Lieutenant Zhang (张副官), Zhang Qishan right-handed man. He is loyal and obedient and is placed to protect Ba Ye and everyone else when his commander is not around.
  • Yuan Bingyanas Ya Tou (丫头), Er Yuehong wife. She and Er Yuehong knew each other from young till adult, he saved her from being sold as a slave then they got married. She has a mysterious sickness that Er Yuehong tries to desperately cure.


  • Wang Meiren as Huo Jinxi (霍锦惜), the only female member of the mystic nine clan. Raised as head of the household at age 15. She specializes in seduction and carries blades behind her hair. She Loves Er Yuehong. And is willing to give up everything for him. However, she harbors a hate towards Zhang Qishan which causes her to work with the Japanese to get rid of him.
  • Wang Chuang as Lu Jianxun (陆建勋), Zhang Qishan's political opponent. A greedy and jealous commander who gets his hands bloody just for what he wants. Dies by the hand of the Mysterious Zhang family after getting his hands on the stone found in the mines.
  • Yang Zijiang as Xiao Xiejiu (小解九), ninth master of the mystic nine clan. Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong's good friend. He specializes in strategy and planning ahead before an enemy strikes. He has connections with Japanese Departments and Trade networks. He also has some medical knowledge.
  • Li Naiwen as Banjie Li (半截李), third master of the mystic nine clan.
  • Zhang Luyi as Wu Laogou (吴老狗), fifth master of the mystic nine clan. Has hellhounds that are vicious and scary.
  • Li Zonghan as Hei Bei the Sixth (黑背老六), sixth master of the mystic nine clan. Only one among the nine families who has a thug origin.
  • Stokes Andrew Charles as Cox Hendry (裘德考), the main antagonist. He gave morphine to Ya Tou to trick Chen Pi A Si into helping him. A mysterious man that has a lot of knowledge about the Mystic Nine.


  • San Shu as Cun Dafu (村大夫)
  • Peng Xiaoran as Huai Chan (怀婵)
  • Jia Jiangfeng as Lieutenant Lu (陆副官), Does all of Commander Lu’s dirty work.
  • Wang Guan as Peng Sanbian (彭三鞭),
  • Huang Zixi as Mo Ce (莫测), Miss Xiu’s Cousin that studies in Western medicine. She was mistaken by Second Lord to be Ya Tou. Therefore triggering her to fall for Second Lord as her love interest. She healed Zhang Qi Shan and Er Yue’s injuries after the return from the mine expedition.
  • Zhou Xiaofei as Ryouko Tanaka (田中良子), A Japanese Soldier that works for at the American Commerce with the main antagonist. Though she falls prey to her own ambitions and doesn’t quite listen to her boss.
  • Zhang Chunzhong as Mysterious Old Man (神秘老头), he was blinded by the Japanese when he worked in the mines. Also one of the only survivors left that. Was protected by Second Master’s Great Uncle when working the minds. He was trapped in the mines for a long time awaiting to send a message to second master. However, he passed away from the Hair Disease after trying to escape with everyone else.
  • Wu Li as Tao Hua (桃花)
  • Wang Xiaoyi as Xiao Kui (小葵)
  • Ren Wanqing as Er Kui (二葵)
  • Dai Qihua as Listening Slave (听奴), Miss Xi’s right hand woman in the Hotel. Has the unique gift to listen to all conversations in the building.
  • Li Ruichao as Bei Lei Ye (贝勒爷)
  • Zhou Tingwei as Jiushan Mei Zhi (鸠山美志)
  • Zhou Peixuan as Auction Host (主持人)
  • Zheng Guolin as Jiu Laoye (舅老爷)
  • Wang Bin as Wuteng Yi Lang (武藤一郎)
  • Huang Wenhao as Zhang Qishan's father (张启山父亲), dies after getting shot by the Japanese when running away.
  • Sun Mingjun as Xiao Sanzi (小三子)
  • Tang Yongnan as Si'er / Fourth (四儿)
  • Mao Yiwen as Liu'er /Sixth (六儿)
  • Gong Sile as Eighteenth (老十八)
  • Zuo Xiaolong as Da Long (大龙)
  • Xue Wenhua as Old Worker (老矿工)
  • Chen Zejia as Young Worker (少年矿工)
  • Li Yaojing as Hei Shi (黑石)
  • Yang Qingshu as Cui Cui (翠翠)
  • Tong Xiaomei as Chen Pi's grandmother (陈皮奶奶)
  • Cheng Dachun as Fourth Master of the Mystic Nine (九门老四), Was murdered and lured by a trap sent by Commander Lu. Was killed by Chen Pi with the Flying Guillotine that flew through the window.
  • Jin Meiling and Jin Qiling as Twins (双生花), Two beautiful twins that have the ability to lure and seduce men for their riches. Returned the favor to Eighth Lord after he helped them find their missing jewelry.
  • Huang Tianqi as Zhang Youth (张家少年)
  • He Zhonghua as Train Station Master (火车站长)
  • Lu Xingyu as Photographer (摄影师)
  • Su Mao as Uncle Yi (尹大伯)
  • He Jiayi as Aunt Huo (霍姨母)
  • Lee Bao'er as Bai Qiao Fatty (白乔胖子), befriends Lieutenant Zhang and Eight master when they arrive at Baiqiao village. Knows a lot of the information around town.
  • Wang Jun as Leader of the Han (汉人首领)
  • Peng Xiao Ran as Protector of Bai Qiao (白乔护法)
  • Dai Xuanru as Xiao Hong (小红)
  • Yang Xue as Xiao Meng (小孟)


Chief director, Liang Shengquan has previously directed many well known dramas including The Journey of Flower, Swords of Legends and Chinese Paladin 3.

Cost for the drama amounted up to CN¥168 million; where 70% was allocated for production.[2] The producer, Bai Yicong expressed his gratitude to the main cast for lowering their professional fee. Usually, payment for the main cast would cost up to 60% of the budget but only 30% went back to the cast of The Mystic Nine. As such, more resources were diverted to the set designing, special effects, equipments and props for production as required by the plot.[3]


The cast for the series were introduced through posters which were uploaded online.[4] Chapters related to the character Zhang Qishan (portrayed by William Chan) gained over 70 million readers not long after the announcement of the cast.[5] The commencement ceremony was held on the first day of the Shanghai Television Festival on July 6, 2016.[6]

The Mystic Nine is Zhao Liying's second collaboration with both William Chan and Lay Zhang, after Legend of Zu Mountain and Royal Treasure respectively.[7]


Principal photography started on 23 November 2015 at Hengdian Studios.[8] The scenes set in Zhang Qishan and Er Yuehong's mansion were filmed in Hengdian World Studios, in Dongyang, Zhejiang province.[9] The tombstone scenes were filmed in various parts of China such as Tiantai Mountain, Jietou Town and Hanshanhu at Tiantai County and Yongkang in Zhejiang province and in Manchuria.[10][11]


The Mystic Nine - Original Television Soundtrack (老九门电视剧原声音乐大碟)
1."My Clan (我门)"William Chan 
2."Returning Soul Door (还魂门)"Anson Hu 
3."Dian Yu Si (典狱司)"Li Nan 


The series placed first in television ratings and became the number one most searched and discussed topic online during its broadcast.[12] The drama also set a record for the most online views garnered in a day. Zhang Yixing was praised for his outstanding performance in both the series and the side story, given that his acting debut was made a year ago.[13]

Following the series, a wax figure dressed of Zhang Qishan (portrayed by William Chan) was added to Madame Tussauds Shanghai in April 2017.[14] On October 18, another wax figure of Er Yuehong (portrayed by Zhang Yixing) was added to Madame Tussauds Shanghai.[15]

The drama garnered over 12 billion viewers on iQiYi,[1] and earned about CN¥288 million.[16]


China Dragon TV premiere ratings (CSM52)[17]
Episode Broadcast date Ratings (%) Audience share (%) Rankings
1-2 2016.07.4 1.108 5.575 1
3-4 2016.07.5 0.921 4.464 1
5-6 2016.07.11 0.888 4.501 1
7-8 2016.07.12 0.984 4.792 1
9-10 2016.07.18 1.213 6.158 1
11-12 2016.07.19 1.111 5.411 1
13-14 2016.07.25 1.158 6.031 1
15-16 2016.07.26 0.941 4.709 1
17-18 2016.08.01 1.057 5.250 2
19-20 2016.08.02 0.945 4.671 2
21-22 2016.08.08 1.079 4.872 2
23-24 2016.08.09 0.931 4.106 2
25-26 2016.08.15 0.973 4.612 1
27-28 2016.08.16 0.922 4.265 2
29-30 2016.08.22 1.042 5.256 1
31-32 2016.08.23 1.046 5.141 1
35-36 2016.09.05 0.984 5.375 1
37-38 2016.09.12 0.667 3.790 2
39-40 2016.09.19 0.669 3.813 1
41-42 2016.09.26 0.682 4.034 1
43-44 2016.10.03 0.603 3.197 2
45-46 2016.10.10 0.620 3.710 1
47-48 2016.10.17 0.600 3.606 1

  • Highest ratings are marked in red, lowest ratings are marked in blue
  • In China, 1% viewership rating is considered extremely high since China has a high population.


The drama endorsed a number of brands throughout the whole broadcast. Apart from endorsing the title sponsor to the series, Xiang Piao Piao, the brand also endorsed Eastroc Super Drink, Rio Wine, iQianJin, Mengniu Dairy, Tantan App and Ctrip.[18]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2016 3rd Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China Online Popularity Award The Mystic Nine Won [19]
Best Actress Zhao Liying Won
Rising Star Award Zhang Mingen Won
iQiyi All-Star Carnival Drama of the Year The Mystic Nine Won
Person of the Year William Chan Won
Artist of the Year Zhao Liying Won
Newcomer Award Hu Yunhao Won
Zhang Mingen Won
2017 2nd China Quality Television Drama Ceremony Weekly Broadcast Drama of the Year The Mystic Nine Won [20]
22nd Huading Awards Best Actress Zhao Liying Nominated [21]
Top 10 Dramas The Mystic Nine Won
Weibo Movie Night Awards Most Influential Web Movie The Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February Won
2nd Asia New Media Film Festival Most Popular Actress (Web film) Wang Meiren Won [22]

International broadcast[edit]

Channel Location Broadcast start date Note
Dragon TV Mainland China 4 July 2016 Monday and Tuesday, 22:00 on Hearty 8 Minutes
iQiYi Mainland China, Taiwan 4 July 2016 VIP Membership: Monday and Tuesday, 22:00

Nonmembership: Monday, 24:00

Astro Quan Jia HD Malaysia 16 September 2016 Monday to Friday, 19:00-20:00
CHK HD Singapore 11 November 2016 Monday to Friday, 22:00
EYE TV DRAMA Taiwan 20 April 2017 Monday to Friday, 18:00-20:00
China Television 24 April 2017 Monday to Thursday, 23:00
Chung T'ien Television 29 April 2017 Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 on CTi Variety
Talentvision Canada 19 May 2017 2:00PM,8:30PM / 5:00PM,11:30PM


On October 20, 2016, a side story of the drama was released under the title The Mystic Nine Side Story: Flowers Bloom in February (Chinese: 老九门番外之二月花开; pinyin: Lǎo jiǔ mén fānwài zhī èr yuè huā kāi; literally: 'Old Nine Gates Flowers Bloom in February') as a web film. The web film is a continuation of the television series. Several more internet films were later produced, which focused on the supporting characters' side stories.


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