The People Party for New Politics

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The People Party for New Politics
Leader Lee Eun-yeong
Founded November 13, 2012 (2012-11-13)
Headquarters Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre-right
National Assembly
0 / 300
Politics of South Korea
Political parties

The People Party for New Politics (NP, Korean: 새정치국민의당) is political party in South Korea. Former chairman Lee Yong-Hwi tried to made New Yeoongnam Party, But he decided to join to Freedom and Peace Party in January 2012. Freedom and Peace Party changed its name to New Yeongnam and Freedom and Peace Party in January 2012. in March 2012, this party changed its name to The Hannara Party. but Saenuri Party argued that Hannara Party robbed Saenuri Party's older name (GNP - which was same in Korean name "한나라당") to make confusing the conservative voter. However, South Korean National Party Commission(중앙선관위) justify the name on legal.[1]

The party gained 0.85% of total vote in 2012 General Election(7th most in 20 parties of proportional election), thus failed take a seat in National Assembly. In South Korea, a party should gain at least 2% of total vote to take a block seat. Due to imitation name effect with last party number "20" in Korean alphabet order), the party gain 181,748 vote.

After the general election in April, 2012, it was cancelled by the National Election Administration Office. Member of the party separated to two party. Lee Yong-hwi made 'Hope! Hannara Party' and elected Lee Eun-young as the new chairman. "Hope! Hannara party" changed its name to The new politics party (새정치국민의당) in July 2013.

Names Used[edit]

  • New Yeongnam and Freedom Peace Party (Hangul:영남신당자유평화당) (January to March 2012)
  • The Hannara Party (Hangul:한나라당, Grand National Party) (March to 11 April 2012)
  • Hope! Hannara Party (Hangul:희망한나라당) (November 2012 to July 2013)
  • The new politics party (Hangul: 새정치국민의당) (July 2013 to present)


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