Presbyterian Church of Korea

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The Presbyterian Church of Korea
Classification Protestant
Orientation Calvinist
Polity Presbyterian
Region Korea
Founder Suh Sang-ryun
Origin 1884 when a church was founded in
Hwanghae province.
Separations Gosin (1952), Gijang (1953), Tonghap and Hapdong (1959)
Presbyterian Church of Korea
Hangul 대한예수교장로회
Hanja 大韓예수敎長老會
Revised Romanization Daehan yesugyo jangnohoe
McCune–Reischauer Taehan yesugyo changnohoe

Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) was a Protestant denomination based in South Korea; it is currently separated to many branches.

The first Korean Presbyterian minister was Suh Sang-ryun, who founded a church in Hwanghae province in 1884.[1] Shortly thereafter, several foreign Presbyterian missionaries arrived on the peninsula, including Horace Allen, Horace G. Underwood, and Henry Davies.

Like other Christian groups, the Korean Presbyterians were closely involved in the peaceful March 1st Movement for Korean independence in 1919.[citation needed]

By 1937, the Presbyterian churches were largely independent of financial support from the United States.[2]

Presbyterianism in Korea was reconstructed after World War II in 1947. The church adopted the name the Reformed Church in Korea. In the 1950s, the church suffered tensions because of issues of theology, ecumenism, and worship. In 1959, the Presbyterian Church of Korea broke into two equal sections: the Presbyterian Church in Korea (TongHap) and The Presbyterian Church in Korea (HapDong).

In the 1950s, the PCK was cut off from believers in North Korea, and three schisms occurred. In the first of these, the Gosin group split off in 1952. In the second, the "Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea" separated from the PCK in 1953. In the third schism thus far, the Hapdong faction separated in 1959.

General assembly[edit]

Date Host General Secretary Note
1 1907 Samuel Austin Moffet Dongnohoe
2 1908 James Scarth Gale
3 1909 Horace Grant Underwood
4 1910 James Scarth Gale
5 1911 W. D. Reynolds
1 September 1–4, 1912 Pyongyang Theological Seminary Horace Grant Underwood General assembly era
2 September 7–11, 1913 Soandong Church, Seoul G. Engel
3 September 6–9, 1914 Namsanhyeon Church, Chaeryong Eugene Bell
4 September 4–18, 1915 Seomunbak Church, Jeonju Kim Pil-su
5 September 2–6, 1916 Pyongyang Theological Seminary Yang Jeon-baek
6 September 1–6, 1917 Seungdong Church, Seoul Han Seok-jin
7 August 31–September 5, 1918 Sincheonbuk Church, Sinchon Kim Seon-du
8 October 4–9, 1919 Pyongyang Theological Seminary Samuel Austin Moffet
9 October 2–7, 1920 Andong Church, Seoul Kim Ik-du
10 September 10–15, 1921 Jangdaehyeon Church, Pyongyang Lee Ki-pung
11 September 10–15, 1922 Seungdong Church, Seoul Kim Seong-taek
12 September 8–13, 1923 Sinuiju Church Ham Tae-yeong
13 September 13–18, 1924 Sinchangni Church, Hamhung Lee Ja-ik
14 September 12–18, 1925 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Im Taek-gwon
15 September 11–17, 1926 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Kim Seok-chan
16 September 9–15, 1927 Gwangseok Church, Wonsan Kim Yeong-hun
17 September 7–13, 1928 Sinjeong Church, Daegu Yeom Bong-nam
18 September 6–12, 1929 Saemunan Church, Seoul Cha Jae-myeong
19 September 12–18, 1930 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Hong Jong-pil
20 September 11–17, 1931 Geumgangsan Church Jang Gyu-myeong
21 September 9–16, 1932 Changdong Church, Pyongyang Namgung Hyeok
22 September 8–15, 1933 Seoncheonnam Church, Sonchon Jang Heung-beom
23 September 7–14, 1934 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Lee In-sik
24 September 6–13, 1935 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Jeong In-gwa
25 September 11–19, 1936 Yangnim Church, Gwangju Lee Seung-gil
26 September 10–16, 1937 Daegu Jeil Church, Daegu Lee Mun-ju
27 September 9–15, 1938 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Hong Taek-gi
28 September 8–15, 1939 Sineuiju Jei Church, Sinuiju Yun Ha-yeong
29 September 6–13, 1940 Changdong Church, Pyongyang Kwak Jin-geun
30 November 21–26, 1941 Changdong Church, Pyongyang Choi Ji-hwa
31 October 16–20, 1942 Seomunbak Church, Pyongyang Kim Eung-sun
1943–45: Discontinued due to World War II
32 June 11–14, 1946 Seungdong Church, Seoul Bae Eun-hui South Korea era
33 April 18–22, 1947 Daegu Jeil Church, Daegu Lee Ja-ik
34 April 20–23, 1948 Saemunan Church, Seoul Lee Ja-ik
35 April 19–23, 1949 Saemunan Church, Seoul Choi Jae-hwa
36 April 21–25, 1950 Daegu Jeil Church, Daegu
36 May 25–29, 1951 Jungang Church, Busan Kwon Yeon-ho
37 April 29–May 2, 1952 Seomun Church, Daegu Kim Jae-seok
38 April 24–28, 1953 Seomun Church, Daegu Myeong Sin-hong
39 April 23–27, 1954 Jungang Church, Andong Lee Won-yeong
40 April 22–26, 1955 Yeongnak Church, Seoul Han Gyeong-jik
41 September 20–25, 1956 Saemunan Church, Seoul Lee Dae-yeong
42 September 19–24, 1957 Jungang Church, Busan Jeon Pil-sun
43 September 25–October 1, 1958 Yeongnak Church, Seoul No Jin-hyeon
44 September 24–29, 1959 Jungang Church, Daejeon Schism

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