The Story of Short Stack

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The Story of Short Stack
Story of Short Stack cover.jpg
Directed by Andy Clemmensen
Produced by Andy Clemmensen
Shaun Diviney (exec.)
Bradie Webb (exec.)
Starring Shaun Diviney
Andy Clemmensen
Bradie Webb
Music by Short Stack
Bradie Webb (add.)
Edited by Andy Clemmensen
Release dates
  • 27 October 2011 (2011-10-27) (Live premiere)

  • 4 November 2011 (2011-11-04) (DVD)
Running time
67 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

The Story of Short Stack is a 2011 documentary which documents the journeys of pop punk band Short Stack. It was directed, produced and edited by band member Andy Clemmensen. It starred many people, notably the band itself (Shaun Diviney, Andy Clemmensen and Bradie Webb). The film was premiered on 27 October 2011[1] and officially released on 4 November 2011.[2]

The documentary spent years being made. It included the band's entire back catalogue of film clips and highlights of their career from their debut album Stack Is the New Black through to the cover of Rolling Stone on their 2010 album This is Bat Country and their single "Bang Bang Sexy".[1]

The revelation of the title and track listing of Short Stack's third studio album was on this documentary. It was revealed as Art Vandelay. Art Vandelay was released on Friday 18 October 2013, however with a slightly altered track listing.[3]


A trailer was released on Short Stack's official YouTube channel, featuring excerpts from some of the interviews and featured clips from the movie and the new music video for "Bang Bang Sexy", which was also played in the background throughout the trailer.[4]


The film was premiered live via satellite on 27 October 2011 at Event Cinemas around Australia. Hosted by Hot 30's Matty Acton and Maude Garrett, the cinema event included a live acoustic set by the band, a live Q&A with fans in cinema and the first screening of their documentary. Regardless of which cinema fans go to across the country, they were able to share in the same experience live.

Location Time (AEST)
Queensland 6:00PM
South Australia 6:30PM
New South Wales 7:00PM
Western Australia

The Perth screening time was shifted for the audiences enjoyment.

Diviney, Clemmensen and Webb also walked the red carpet at Event Cinemas George Street in Sydney at the Official World Premiere. There were only a limited number of tickets available to the event.[1]


On the purchase page for the DVD on the band's official website, the film has received all positive reviews. The total is 5 out of 5 stars, excluding the spam comments.[2]



Name Affiliation
Shaun Diviney Members of Short Stack
Andy Clemmensen
Bradie Webb
Trevor Steel Sunday Morning Records
Chris Johns
Sonny Joe Flanagan Friend
Matty Acton Radio host
Lee Groves Music producer
Dan Reisinger Music video director
Lewis Usher Touring Assistant
Luke Lukess Touring guitarist
Sinj Clarke Touring keyboardist
Shaun Jennings Touring Manager
Matt Covte Rolling Stone Magazine
Brad Smith Members of Heroes for Hire
Duane Hazell
Alex Bonic Potter
Lee McGarrity
Jay Taplin Members of For Our Hero
Beau Taplin
Dave Tran
Geoffrey Mark Taylor
Nax Vee
Leon Blair


Credited for Name
Directed by Andy Clemmensen
Produced by
Executive Producers Shaun Diviney
Bradie Webb
Edited by Andy Clemmensen
Additional Music by Bradie Webb
Post Production by Gerald Webb
Live footage edited by
Live footage filmed by Walter Loveridge
Gerald Webb
Cover and Menu Artwork Goran Momircevski
Justin Smith
End of Work
Live Photography Walter Loveridge
Tour Photography Jimmy Machan
Sunday Morning Records/Artist Management Trevor Steel
Chris Johns
Artist Booking Tony Grace Guarrera
Jeremy Sharp
The Harbour Agency

Featured songs[edit]

Song Artist
"Wild Wild West" The Escape Club
"All of Me" My Future Lies
"Don't You Dare" For Our Hero
"Secrets, Lies and Sins" Heroes for Hire

by Short Stack[edit]

Song Album
"Black Tears" One Size Fits All
"Before Angels Fall" One Size Fits All and Stack Is the New Black
"We All Know"
"Back of My Head"
"It's 4 You"
"Sway Sway Baby" Stack Is the New Black
"Shimmy a Go Go"
"Thick as Thieves"
"In This Place"
"Drop Dead Gorgeous"
"Nothing at All" This Is Bat Country
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
"Sweet Emergency"
"Heartbreak Made Me a Killer" (uncredited)
"In My Hands" Planets (EP) (credited from This is Bat Country)
"Electric Romantics"
"New York City Ballet" Art Vandelay (unreleased)
"Bang Bang Sexy" (uncredited)
"S.O.U.L." (uncredited)
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" (uncredited)
"Saturday Night"