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ThinkDesk was a productivity application subscription service, launched by Stardock on 14 April 2005 as a utility counterpart to their Object Desktop and services.[1] Subscriptions were for one year, after which users could choose to renew or keep the software that they have, including all released upgrades to that date. The service never came out of beta and was discontinued in March 2009.[2][3]


ThinkDesk components were typically downloaded using Impulse, although if purchased separately they could also be downloaded as executable installers.


Multiplicity allows the control of multiple PCs with a single keyboard and mouse, in a similar manner to a KVM switch but with fewer wires, as all information is carried over existing network connections. Professional versions provide file copy and paste functionality, and the ability to control more computers.


KeepSafe automatically keeps file revisions for selected directories and file types.


ThinkSync synchronizes files and folders between hard drives or across the Internet.


SecureProcess allows only processes defined as safe to run; an anti-virus/anti-spyware component.


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