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Industry Motorcycle
Founded April 2004; 13 years ago (2004-04)
Founder Timothy Hunter
Area served
Australia, New Zealand , Germany , Poland , USA , Ireland , Belgium , Spain , Italy, Canada , France

Thumpstar is a pit bike manufacturer that was founded in Australia in 2004 by Timothy Hunter, a motor-cycle dealer and racer.


Hunter came across a pit bike at a 2003 Trade fair. He considered that he could improve on the model and make his own pit bikes. In April 2004 with the assistance of a Taiwanese Company Thumpstar bikes began to be produced.[1][2]

First two years[edit]

The first Thumpstar models were released into the market between 2004 and 2006. They were the JNR 90cc, Super Hunge 110cc and the Professional Hunge 125cc. The most successful was the Professional Hunge with its CNC TUV certified full billet T6 heat treated alloy frame. Thumpstar became a well-known pit bike brand with global sales turnover reaching more than A$45 million in its first 13 months of business.

Problems with infrastructure and Trademark infringements by other company's selling counterfeit Thumpstar's caused its demise.[1]

Terra Moto[edit]

Learning from this, Hunter, in 2007, changed Thumpstar's name to Terra Moto and secured its intellectual property. But unlike Thumpstar, the models didn't sell well and shortly after manufacturering ceased.[1]

New Beginnings[edit]

In 2012, an agreement was signed May 10, to restart the company with 3 new models: the TSX 88cc, TSX 125cc and TSR 160cc. From 2013 Thumpstar began developing junior motocross bikes, releasing its TSB-C, TSX-C and TSR-C competition models in 2015. Thumpstar's have competed in the world mini moto champs in Las Vegas, with riders including Mike Brown, Dan Cartwright and Mike Leavitt.

By 2015 Thumpstar was making sixteen models from 50cc to 250cc and five varieties: the TSB(basic), TSX(Mid-Range), TSR(Racing), TSK(Kids) and TSC(Competition). The bikes were designed for youths, trail riding, Motocross and pit bike racing.[1] In April 2015 Thumpstar declared Chartreuse as its official colour.[1]


In 2016 model upgrades include Pipe Bomb DW-1 Exhaust on the TSX and TSR models to obtain better performance.[3]

The TSR 150 advantages from additional improvements to suspension, damping and handling with the newest designed rear linkage, whereas the TSX 140 enjoys a brand new seven Series aluminium rims and a upgraded exhaust. The TSK 50 its been fully redesigned and created as child friendly as attainable, together with smaller geometry, front and rear brake controls on the handlebars and removable training wheels.[4]

Frame design[edit]

Thumpstar was the first pit bike company to manufacture bikes with an alloy frame. The model Pro Hunge 25 which used the alloy frame was one of Thumpstar's most popular models, as it was lightweight and performed well. This model can be found in countries around the world.[5]


  • Hunge 10 (discontinued)
  • Hunge 25 (discontinued)
  • TSB 70 [6]
  • TSB 110 [6]
  • TSB 125 [6]
  • TSB 125 3D [6]
  • TSX 88 [6]
  • TSX 125 LE [6]
  • TSX 125 SW [6]
  • TSX 125 BW [6]
  • TSX 140 SW [6]
  • TSX 140 BW [6]
  • TSR 88 PRO [6]
  • TSR 125 PRO [6]
  • TSR 150 3D [6]
  • TSR 160 PRO SW [6]
  • TSR 160 PRO BW [6]
  • TSK 50 [6]
  • TSK 52 [6]


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