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Toplički okrug
Топлички округ
District of Serbia
Location of Toplica District in Serbia
Location of Toplica District in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Capital Prokuplje
 • Commissioner n/a
 • Total 2,231 km2 (861 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 91,754
 • Density 41.1/km2 (106/sq mi)
Municipalities 4
Settlements 267
- Cities and towns 4
- Villages 263

The Toplica District (Serbian: Toplički okrug, Serbian Cyrillic: Топлички округ, pronounced [tǒplit͡ʃkiː ôkruːɡ]) expands in the southern part of Serbia . It has a population of 91,754 and has been named after the river Toplica. Seat of the District is in the city of Prokuplje.


It encompasses the municipalities of:


According to the last official census done in 2011, Toplica District has 91,754 inhabitants. Most of its population is of Serbian nationality (93.46%) while 50.02% of the municipality’s population is urban.

Ethnic composition of the municipality:

Ethnic group Population
Serbs 85,750
Roma 3,945
Montenegrins 176
Macedonians 97
Romanians 76
Croats 50
Others 1,660
Total 91,754


The Toplički District is a medium developed industrial center, in which the most prominent are the "Prokupac" - alcoholic beverage factory, the "Hissar" food factory, the "FOM" ferrous metal plant and the "Topličanka" cotton mill.

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Coordinates: 43°14′N 21°36′E / 43.233°N 21.600°E / 43.233; 21.600