Mačva District

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Mačva District
Мачвански округ
Mačvanski okrug
District of Serbia
Location of Mačva District in Serbia
Location of Mačva District in Serbia
Country Serbia
Administrative centre Šabac
 • Commissioner n/a
 • Total 3,268 km2 (1,262 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 298,931
 • Density 91.5/km2 (237/sq mi)
Municipalities 6 and 2 cities
Settlements 228
- Cities and towns 5
- Villages 223

The Mačva District (Serbian: Мачвански округ / Mačvanski okrug) pronounced [mǎtʃʋanskiː ôkruːɡ]) is a district of Serbia. The District expands in the western parts of Serbia, in the geographical regions of Mačva, Podrinje, Posavina, and Pocerina. It has a population of 298,931 people. The administrative centre of the Mačva district is Šabac.

Cities and municipalities[edit]

The district encompasses the cities and municipalities of:


According to the last official census done in 2011, the Маčva District has 298,931 inhabitants. 29.14% of the population lives in the urban areas. Ethnic composition of the district:

Ethnic group Population
Serbs 284,165
Roma 4,537
Muslims 1,501
Croats 327
Bosniaks 271
Yugoslavs 261
Montenegrins 185
Macedonians 150
Hungarians 108
Others 7,426
Total 298,931

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