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Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Lahore

The Quaid-e-Azam Township of Lahore, Pakistan is a residential district located south of Lahore. It is one of the largest residential sections of Lahore planned & established in the times of President Ayub Khan. He devised a Master Plan to make a Modern Islamic Capital City of Islamabad in Pakistan. During his times Pakistan Steel Mills was founded. Similarly foundations of this Quaid-e-Azam Township, Allama Iqbal Town, Muhammad Ali Johar Town were laid. Later, in 1980s LDA Lahore Development Authority played some role in developing these towns with further utilities. Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate was Inaugurated with one of biggest & first of its kind Multi-Tasking and International Standard Industrial Factory called "Peco abbreviation of Pakistan Engineering Company".

Quaid Town or Quaid Township is growing in terms of population and emerging as an economic hub. Township's Main Madina Market is the Epicenter of the town's Economic Activity and serves many surrounding towns, including Green Town, Muhammad Ali Johar Town, Shah Faisal Town and Model Town Society. Quaid Township having common boundaries with Model Town Link road is facing a large exodus of inward commercial activity.[clarification needed] Many modern plazas like Famous Mall and Madina Plaza have been constructed in recent years, along with somewhat popular Ayesha Mall.

Quaid Township sectors[edit]

Official Name of Township is "Quaid-e-Azam Township". Quaid Town or Quaid Township consists of four main sectors i.e. from A to D. While Sector A comprises sections A1 and A2. The A1 area is managed by the Government Employees Co-operative Housing Society abbreviated as GECH Society and was established in the late 1960s, and was not fully maintained until recently and some major construction or maintenance work started somewhat in 1980s and after a gap or lapse of ignorance by the management and some technical & financial issues, along with lack of resources & motivation, Gech Society was finally having few renovation or makeovers since 2007 and onwards. This area is surrounded by four main roads and is easily accessible from all four sides since its outrebounds are not fully fenced or covered by gates. Although its Inner-bounds are accessible through gates only, which close and open most of the times due to political influence and sometimes for security reasons. One side of Gech Society Sector A1 is alongside Peco road (Officially called "Maulana Shaukat Ali Road"), Second side is alongside Madr-e-Millat road, third is alongside Satu Katla road (Officially known as "Chaudry road) and last fourth side is alongwith Haider road.

Opposite side of Gech Society Sector A1 from Peco road joins with Famous Habib Homes Welfare Society & Ali Park. Sector A1 and A2 are joined by the Haider Road. Both of these roads are very busy thoroughfare with many businesses, Shops, Offices, Shadi Halls, Schools and Masjids etc. Quaid Township Main market is attached with Satu katla road towards Gech Society Sector A1. One of the best Commercial markets in the Area.

The "Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate i.e. QIE" is the Hub of all types of industries factories, workshops, warehouses, laboratories, ranging from Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals to Electronics, & mechanicals etc. This area of Quaid Township is joined by Madr-e-Millat road, from Gech Society Sector A1 towards Kot Lakhpat.

Houses in A1 range from 5,445 sq. feet (20 marlas) to 21,780 sq. feet (80 marlas)[citation needed]. Sector A2 comprises mostly 1,361 sq ft (5 marla) homes.

All the above-mentioned four main roads of Quaid Township surrounding outrebounds of Gech Society Sector A1, had been declared Commercial by government and very well appreciated by private businesses. Due to such Hustle and bustle the appearance of the whole area has improved with development, neat & cleanliness dramatically. Apart from the main commercial markets outside, there is also a small portion of inner commercial market within Gech Society Sector A1.

Some early and mature businesses could be mentioned for the sake of information only as Jinnah Islamia College, Al-Habib Free Medicine Dispensary, Bismillah Restaurant, Maharaja Shadi Hall, Bloomfield School, Bright Grammar School, Maqtab Al-Qudas School, Champian Corporation (FireSafety & Multimedia Electronics), Awais PCO, Zeeshan Bakers, Bukhari Medical Store, Utility Stores Corporation etc.

Gech Society Sector A1 has recently acquired few Acres of Land to expand their community and named those remote parts of Gech Society as its Phases e.g. Phase 1 is the Sector A1 itself, Phase 2 and 3 are just opposite Sector A1 across Peco Road and Model Town Link Road Commercial Market. Sector C Quaid Township also has some parts of Gech Society Phase 3 and 4.

Sector B comprises sections B1 and B2. A small portion of B1 Sector contains bigger houses, while a much larger portion of this sector contains only the smaller 1,361 sq. ft. houses. The outer boundary houses range from 2,722.5 sq. feet (10-marlas) up to 10,890 sq. feet (40 marlas). Sector B1 has 16 blocks each block have 500 houses of 5 marlas. People living in B2 are often educated and have jobs in government or private sector management. The B1 Sector has one of the biggest markets in Lahore. The roads are often blocked with minibuses, buses, cars and bicycles. The market offers fresh vegetables and fruits. The huge "Divisional Public School" aka DPS Quaid Township is also located in this sector. Sector B also has one of oldest populated area of Minorities mostly Christians.Many notable personalities of Pakistan including District and Session Judge Mr. Syed Munawar Hassan Shah Farooqi and Senior Judge Mr. Malik Mumtaz also lived here.

Sector C comprises sections C1 and C2. Section C1 has a combination of smaller and larger homes. Sector C is known for marriage halls. Sector C is located adjacent to College Road, which separates the Township from Johar Town. This Sector C Quaid Township is famous for a Multiplex "CineStar" and "Imax" Cinemas Series Building, which is always a Full House due to its selection of good Films, movies, Animations, Documentaries as well as the feeling of Neat & Clean Environment, Customer welcoming attitude of Staff. Above all it is an International Standard Multiplex adjacent a famous food chain called "Burger King", which is as per hygiene & quality standards.

Sector D comprises sections D1 and D2, currently known as "Green Town"; this area has evolved to be a separate town but is still considered within the Quaid Township scheme. Sector D is joined by Sector C on its northwest edge while Sector A is separated by colleges, schools, and a hospital. Sector D is separated from Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Area by Green Town Road. Sector D has a water tank for Sector D and Sector C.[citation needed]

Green Town aka Sector D Quaid Township, has a population of mostly Minorities like Christians, Hindus, Sikhs etc. Few Muslims also live there. Area has few Churches, Cathedrals & temples for worshiping services to be offered with convenience. This area in particular lacks or faces shortfalls of many basic needs, resources, facilities, utilities to spend reasonable life. Authorities like Local bodies Union Council (UC) and "City District Government Lahore" i.e. CDGL should behave sensibly and do not ignore such Minority Areas and provide Support by Departments like LDA, Wapda, Wasa, PTCL etc. to overcome problems in everyday living of the locality because people residing in this area are mostly poor or lower class in terms of financial or economical status.

Moreover, the whole Quaid-e-Azam Township has been connected via main roads to Habib Homes Welfare Society, Ali Park, Pindi Rajputan, Kot Lakhpat, Model Town Society (founded as Model Town by British in 1922), Muhammad Ali Johar Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Green Town, Shah Faisal Town, Wapda Town, Tehta Pind etc.

Commercial centers[edit]

The Quaid Township has its own market, and other markets nearby are available for shopping, including Model Town Link Road, termed similar to Liberty Market in Gulberg Town by Miyan Amir Mehmood (Residing in Model Town Society, the Former Mayor of Lahore City). Nearby Khota Pind Shah Faisal Town is also a small but well-established market for household as well as Auto-Parts, Car Mechanics, and other relevant shops to Car Vehicles etc.

Quaid Township also has a printing market. Over the years, Township has become a major construction hub. College Road, which is almost 4 kilometers long, is full of marble and hardware shops, construction outlets, super stores and CNG stations. Ashiq market is situated on College Road and is one of the oldest markets in Township. Mochi Pura, located near Township's Main Madina Market and Model Town Link Road, sells computers and mobile sale, purchase and repairing. Shezan Bakery, a very senior Bakers & Confectioners in this field of work had been selling Quality food items for last 30 years.

Lahore Broast is also one of the finest & oldest Bar B.Q. , Roast, and Fried Chicken Shop on Peco road, Mauchi Pura Stop, Quaid Township. Perhaps more than 25 years of its service, I myself has found it very delicious and tasty food point until now with its monopoly in food business, when some competitors have just opened few neighboring restaurants.

The "Model Bazar" is a famous commercial market located by Satu Katla road, with a collection of several vendors & traders of Food and other Household items, is a recent Innovation by Punjab Government. It is a well-appreciated and decent commercial point established for the convenient approach of Public in Township and its surrounding towns. The prices of goods are strictly regulated by Food & Price Authorities. Also Quality Checkers routinely inspect this bazar for provision of continued value products & services.


The transportation system in the Quaid Township is vast; buses and vans cover almost the entire Township area. 33 can be used to enter into the Township area,[citation needed]

Local 4-Stroke Auto Rickshaws and Qingqi MotorCycle Rickshaws (Tuk Tuk) are also mostly available in this town. Modern dtate-of-the-art Transport System of LTC and latest Yellow Cabs (Taxis) by Punjab Government, also provide access to this town.


Recently transformed from Residential to commercial in the early years of 2000s during the times of Mayor Miyan Amir Mehhmood, this area and many main roads of the city Lahore, all are thriving with businesses & success. Many restaurants, food chains, offices, jewellery markets, home appliances and banks are established in this area. All types of food can be found here ranging from fast food to Pakistani food, including Pakistani Chinese cuisine. There is also a market area in the A-1 sector. which holds branch store of Utility Grocery Stores Corporation[1] which provides necessities to local region. Accompanied are car workshops. There is a Multimedia Electronics & Fire Safety Company showroom of Champian Corporation aka Champian Public Address Sound Systems Hafiz Gee Group [2] to provide Products & services to local Houses, Schools, nearby QIE Factory Area, Auditoriums, region's Islamic Madrassas, local Masjids, Plazas, Sports Stadiums, Shadi Halls etc.

Such Activity has made the local area rise and shine with glory of a Champion. By the advent of markets developing around just like on Model Town Link Road and as an example comparatively College road & PIA road, this Peco road market is progressing and making the area worth visiting. Before such development, the area was not properly taken care of in the past, it was rather dull. But now and onwards, future is bright.

Banks like Bank Al-Habib, Allied Bank, HBL, Soneri Bank, Sindh Bank, NBP, Bank Alfalah etc. are the major Banking & Financial Institutions which have branches in Quaid Township. Insurance Companies like State Life & Jubilee also have their offices in different set of locations all across Quaid Township.

Schools and colleges and Masjid[edit]

One of the oldest in the region is Ameena Public School. Also, Jinnah Islamia College has been providing service for more than last 30 years. Bloomfield school and Bright Grammar School were also established very early comparatively to the following.

More than 10 well-known schools surround the areas, including Government High School Township, Pakistan Public School (PPS),Lahore Grammar School (LGS), The Punjab School, The Crest School (CSS), The City School, Custom Public School, The Green School, Al-Hamd Institute of Sciences, Imtiaz Girls High School, Sarkar Islamia High School, Gazali Digree College and School, Division Public School (DPS), City District Government Junior Model School (Haji Abdullah), Ch. Rehmat Ali Memorial Boys/girls High school, IQRA Islamic High School, Akhtar Majeed Girls Degree College, Star Grammar School, and The Quaid School. There is a government college and a medical college named Continental Medical college.

Within Inner-bounds, Maqtab Al-Qudas School & Madjid are located in Gech Society Sector A1 of Quaid Township. This Maqtab is renamed as A1 Girls High School. Masjid Al-Habib has also been well-established at the Outerbounds of Gech Society. It has a Medical Practitioner's Clinic open 9 to 5 for convenience of Patients looking for a private GP. Masjid Al-Habib and Habib Homes Society were the Projects of "(Late)Hafiz Haji Malik Ghulam Ahmad Awan Qadri" whose Father "(Deceased) Malik Habib Ahmad Awan" was an Inspiration for him. Regular Social & Religious get-togethers, cultural events are also observed in these places, for well-being of the common people. Hafiz Ghulam or Hafiz G also founded Champian Corporation in the year 1955, whose Head Office is in Hall Road, Factory Workshop located at Mohni road, and Branch is here in Gech Society, Sector A1, Quaid Township, for last 15 years.

Madina Masjid of Madina road situated in the Main Market Quaid Township is also a well taken care of building by Department of Auqaf, Lahore.

The oldest Book Shop in Quaid Township is a private business called Khokar Book Depot. It has great collection of School Syllabus Text Books, Other Books, Arts, Literature, Sciences, News Magazines, Stationary, etc.


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