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Faisal Town
Location Lahore
Union Council
Area  ?
Houses Built:  ?
Number of Plots:  ?
Postal Code 54700

Faisal Town (Urdu: فیصل ٹاؤن) is one of the major residential areas of Lahore, close to Model Town. It lies at 31° 28' 40N 74° 18' 30E and has an altitude of 201 meters. In the last few years this area has undergone major changes and developments, with the value of property increasing quite considerably. It is divided into four residential blocks named A to D. Each block consists of about 1000 houses. It houses the Lahore campus of the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences built by the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology in its Block B. Faisal Town was located in a newly developed area of Lahore city. To its north lies Model Town, to its east lies Township, to its south lies Johar Town and to its west lie Punjab University, Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital.


Faisal Town is the union council number 128 of Lahore and falls in the town called Gulberg Town.[1] There is no town Nazim of Gulberg Town and the seat is vacant. The current union council administration heads of Faisal Town are:

  • Nazim: Vacant
  • Naib Nazim: Vacant


The biggest market is located in C Block and is commonly called Civic Centre. There is a smaller market in B Block called Kotha Pind market. The roads around Faisal Town are becoming increasingly commercial, especially the road between Faisal Town and M.A.Johar Town. There are two famous whole sale and retail stores near to the FAST institute (in B Block) named as Ali General store and Hassan Store. Maqsood General store is one of the most famous store in D Block.


A Block has a mosque called Abu Bakar mosque. B Block has two mosques: one is called Be-izn-Allah and the other is the Kotha Pind mosque. C Block houses two mosques as well.

Educational institutions[edit]

Medical facilities[edit]

There is a private hospital in A Block. In C Block there is another Trust Hospital named Khair-un-Nisa Hospital. Renowned physician Prof. Faisal Masud also lives in C block Faisal Town where he has his clinic


A Block has a large park with associated small parks. B Block also has a big park called Milad Park. C Block has two parks next to the two mosques.

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Coordinates: 31°29′N 74°18′E / 31.483°N 74.300°E / 31.483; 74.300