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Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Lahore
A triangular monument built on the second roundabout of Samnabad.

Samanabad (Urdu: سمن آباد‎) is a major residential area and administrative subdivision of Lahore, Pakistan.[1] It is the oldest 'Posh' area of Lahore and located in the center of City. It houses about 250,000 people and is neighboured by Multan Road, Mozang, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Islamia Park, Ichhra and Iqbal Town. Lahore's largest market of 2nd hand/used cars is also in Samanabad, which starts from Gulsha-e-Ravi and ends on Mozang. Most of the residential units in the area were built in the 1960-1970s. This area is known for lush green playgrounds, abundant trees and privately maintained green beds.


In ancient times, "Samanabad" was the second name of Ichhra, an ancient village that belonged to the Kambojas, a people of Semitic origin and the believers of Shamanism. These Kamboja people claimed to be descendants of Shem (one of the sons of prophet Noah) and the Iranian Saman Khuda. Some of them, who prefer to be called Kamo, claim to be related to Kamon and to have migrated from the Arab countries. Thus, the word Saman may have originated from Saman Khuda where as abad in Urdu means populated.

Educational institutions[edit]

Samanabad is an important hub of educational activities. Many colleges and schools belonging to the government sector, as well as private sector, academies and tuition centers, are serving the cause of education at this hub of knowledge. Important educational institutes of the government and private sector housed at Samanabad include:

  • Government College for Women
  • Government Central Model High School
  • Government Islamia High School
  • Government Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Government Institute of Commerce
  • Government Sulemania High School
  • Government Junior Model School
  • KIPS
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • The Educators
  • American Lycetuff School System
  • The Times College
  • New Era Grammar School
  • Central Group Of Colleges
  • Hassan Memorial Science Academy
  • Laraib National Academy
  • Naveeed Majeed Academy
  • Gracious Home Grammar School
  • The Aquila School System
  • U C Mas Education Group
  • Unique High School and Unique Science Academy
  • Fame Institute of Commerce and Science
  • New World Academy
  • SIRF College and Paradise Group of Acadmies
  • Dar-E-Raza Islamic School & Academy


Several Sports facilities are provided to the residents in Samanabad. The most common sport played in Samanabad is cricket and football. "Samanabad Sports Arena" has been established which provides facilities such as Badminton, Gym, Squash, Table Tennis, Taekwando, Aerobics and Snooker to the members.[2] There are playgrounds at different locations in Samanabad, where several tournaments of football and cricket are held.

Sites of interest and importance[edit]

The Khizra Mosque in Samanabad, one of the oldest yet most popular mosque of the locality.

The three most important main roads of Samanabad in terms of commercial activity include:

1. Main Boulevard Samanabad:

  • Jamia Masjid Aqs E Jamil
  • Automobile Market
  • Rasheedia Masjid
  • Main Market of Samanabad
  • Bilal Masjid
  • Sheikhoo Restaurant (one of the most famous and oldest restaurant in the region)
  • Sheer e Rabbani Masjid
  • KIMS Restaurant
  • Tomb of Zeb-un-Nisa
  • Bank branches of Habib Bank, Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered
  • Cuisine specialities: Shawarma, Pathooray and Dahi Bhalle.
  • Butt Sweets, Gourmet Bakery, Cakes and Bakes, Shezan Bakery, Bundu Khan Sweets

2. Poonch Road:

3. Ghazali Road:

  • Khizra Masjid
  • Independent Health Club
  • Ghousia Masjid (Near Doosra Gol Chakkar)
  • Student Photo Copy & Stationers
  • Union Council Office (UC-106)
  • Bohr Wala Chowk (one of the oldest surviving trees of Lahore)
  • Samanabad Sports Arena
  • Doongi Ground
  • Samanabad Post Office
  • Amy's Bakers

Samanabad is also known for its roundabouts:

  • 1st Roundabout (Pehla Gol Chakkar), seen while coming from Mor Samnabad, it is junction from Mor Samanabad and coming from Chuburji on Poonch Road
  • 2nd Roundabout (Doosra Gol Chakkar), near Telephone Exchange & Mozang Meat Market
  • 3rd Roundabout (Teesra Gol Chakkar), near Samanabad Girls College & Niazi Hospital

There are two important shopping centres in Samanabad namely Main Market (between first and second roundabout) and the Mini Market near Central Model School & Qayyum Park, Samanabad. Pakki Thatti Chowk Almumtaz Cinema the oldest cinema in the area Hafiz wali Masjid, Ghusia Masjid, 'Wahab General Store', the most famous store in the area of Samanabad Lahore, Rasheed Bakery the oldest bakery in the area, Kazim General Store, Pak Store, Rehman Store, Attique General Store, Al-Najam General Store