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Trallpunk (Swedish; roughly translates to 'melodious punk') is a subgenre of punk music developed in Sweden. It is known for its fast drums, a melodic sound, and often politically oriented lyrics. Generally, Asta Kask[1] and Strebers are considered to be the first trallpunk bands,[citation needed] but opinions diverge on the matter. During the 1990s, trallpunk saw increased popularity, particularly due to the club Kafé 44 in Stockholm and the band De Lyckliga Kompisarna (The Happy Friends).

Today, trallpunk is represented through bands such as Varnagel, Slutstation Tjernobyl, Greta Kassler, and De Lyckliga Kompisarna.[2] Internationally, bands like Rasta Knast and Takahashi Gumi[3] are examples.

Trallpunk bands[edit]

Some trallpunk bands include: