Trams in Alexandria

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Trams in Alexandria
The yellow tram passing through Saad Zaghloul's square.jpg
Kinki Sharyo Tram "Al Madina" in "Saad Zaghloul Square", Alexandria.
Locale Alexandria, Egypt
Transit type Tram
Number of lines 20
Number of stations 140
Began operation 1863
System length 32 km (20 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
System map
Alexandria tramway routes

The Alexandria tramway network serves the city of Alexandria, Egypt. It began operating in 1863,[1] and consists of 20 lines operating on 32 kilometers (20 mi) of track, serving 140 stops.[2] It is one of only three non-heritage tram systems in the world that use double-deck cars. The others are Blackpool in the UK and Hong Kong. The system is 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge.[2]


One of the small number of double-deck cars (from Kinki Sharyo) in Alexandria's fleet. All six are non-motorised control trailers.[3]
Tram network 1959

The license to build a tramway system was issued on 16 August 1860, and the first line of the network began operating in on 8 January 1863. It is the oldest system running in Africa and one of the oldest in the world. The main line between Raml and Victoria stations was horse drawn at first, then steam hauled, and finally electrified in 1902. In addition to the Al Raml line there is an extensive network of tram lines running in the streets of central and western Alexandria.


As of 2015, the price of a single tram ride depends on the standard of the tramcar. If the tram does not have curtains (usually the last carriage), the price is L.E. 0.50. For a carriage with curtains, the price is L.E. 1. A special "Tram Café" was inaugurated in 2015,[4] on which a fare of L.E. 5 is charged.


Current cars in use:

  • Japan Kinki Sharyo 1982 (28 cars from 2 orders)
  • Japan Kinki Sharyo 1975-1995 (25 cars with 6 double decker cars)
  • Hungary Ganz-Mavag EMU 1985-86 (29 cars)
  • Egypt SEMAF (ARE) 2009 (3 cars - designed by Kinki Sharyo)

Work Cars[edit]

Retired or In Storage[edit]

An Al Madina line Duewag GT-series tram

Source: Cairo and Alexandria Tram fleet[5]

Tram lines[edit]

Alexandria tram map at Ramlh terminus - Nov 2011

The tram transportation system in Alexandria consists of two systems:

Tram Al Ramlh[edit]

Al Ramlh trams cars are characterized by their blue and cream livery.

Route 1 serves the following stations:[Note 1]

  1. El Nasr (Victoria)
  2. Al Seyouf
  3. Sidi Beshr
  4. El Saraya.
  5. Laurent Louran
  6. Tharwat
  7. San Stefano
  8. Gianaklis.
  9. Schutz
  10. Safar
  11. Abou Shabana aka Baccos
  12. Al Karnak
  13. Al Wezara (The Ministry).
  14. Isis Bolkly Bulkley.
  15. Roushdy
  16. Mohammed Mahfouz
  17. Mustafa Kamil
  18. Sidi Gaber Al Sheikh (Bus & Railway Station)
  19. Cleopatra Hammamat (Cleopatra Baths).
  20. Cleopatra El Soghra
  21. El Reyada El Kobra (Sporting El Kobra)
  22. El Reyada El Soghra (Sporting Al Soghra)
  23. Al Ibrahimiyya
  24. El Moaskar (Camp Caesar)
  25. Al Gamaa (The University).
  26. Al Shatby
  27. El Shobban El Moslemin
  28. El Shahid Moustafa Ziean
  29. Hassan Rasim (Azarita)
  30. Gamea' Ibrahim (Mosque of Ibrahim).
  31. Mahattet Al Ramleh (Ramlh Station).

Route 2 serves the following stations:

  1. El Nasr (Victoria)
  2. Al Seyouf
  3. Sidi Beshr
  4. El Saraya.
  5. Louran
  6. Tharwat
  7. San Stefano
  8. Kasr El Safa (Zizini (Al Safa Palace).
  9. Al Fonoun Al Gamella (The Fine Arts).
  10. Ramsis (Glym or Gleem)
  11. El Bostan (Saba Pasha)
  12. Al Hedaya (The Guidance).
  13. Isis Bolkly
  14. Roushdy
  15. Mohammed Mahfouz
  16. Mustafa Kamil
  17. Sidi Gaber El Mahata
  18. Cleopatra (Zananere)
  19. El Reyada El Kobra (Sporting El Kobra)
  20. El Reyada El Soghra (Sporting Al Soghra)
  21. Al Ibrahimiyya
  22. El Moaskar (Camp Chezar)
  23. Al Gamaa (The University).
  24. Al Shatby
  25. El Shobban El Moslemin
  26. El Shahid Moustafa Ziean
  27. Hassan Rasim (Azarita)
  28. Gamea' Ibrahim (Mosque of Ibrahim).
  29. Mahattet Al Ramlh (Ramlh Station).

Route 25 (Red and Yellow Tram) runs on both Tram Al Ramlh and Tram El Medina tracks and serves the following stations:

  1. Sidi Gaber Al Sheikh (Bus & Railway Station)
  2. Cleopatra Hammamat (Cleopatra Baths).
  3. Cleopatra El Soghra
  4. El Reyada El Kobra (Sporting El Kobra)
  5. El Reyada El Soghra (Sporting Al Soghra)
  6. Al Ibrahimiyya
  7. El Moaskar (Camp Chezar)
  8. Al Gamaa (The University).
  9. Al Shatby
  10. El Shobban El Moslemin
  11. El Shahid Moustafa Ziean
  12. Hassan Rasim (Azarita)
  13. Gamea' Ibrahim (Mosque of Ibrahim).
  14. Mahattet Al Ramlh (Ramlh Station).
  15. Al Mahkama (المحكمة) (The Courts).
  16. El Matafi (El Tahreer Sq).
  17. El Koweri.
  18. El Kahwet Farouk.
  19. Abu El Abbas. (Mosque)
  20. El nokrashi
  21. El-Anfoushi (Citadel of Qaitbay)
  22. Kasr El Thakafa.
  23. El Haggary.
  24. Kahwet Annah
  25. Maktabet Susan Mubarak.
  26. Ras El Tin. (Routes 6 and 21 terminate here)

Route 36 (Red and Yellow Tram) runs on both Tram Al Ramlh and Tram El Medina tracks and serves the following stations:

  1. San Stefano
  2. Glanaklis.
  3. Shods
  4. Safar
  5. Abou Shabana aka Baccos
  6. Al Karnak
  7. Al Wezara (The Ministry).
  8. Isis Bolkly
  9. Roushdy
  10. Mohammed Mahfouz
  11. Mustafa Kamil
  12. Sidi Gaber El Mahata
  13. Cleopatra (Zananere)
  14. El Reyada El Kobra (Sporting El Kobra)
  15. El Reyada El Soghra (Sporting Al Soghra)
  16. Al Ibrahimiyya
  17. El Moaskar (Camp Chezar)
  18. Al Gamaa (The University).
  19. Al Shatby
  20. El Shobban El Moslemin
  21. El Shahid Moustafa Ziean
  22. Hassan Rasim (Azarita)
  23. Gamea' Ibrahim (Mosque of Ibrahim).
  24. Mahattet Al Ramlh (Ramlh Station).
  25. Al Mahkama (The Courts).
  26. El Matafi (El Tahreer Sq).
  27. El Koweri.
  28. El Kahwet Farouk.
  29. Abu El Abbas. (Mosque)
  30. El nokrashi
  31. El-Anfoushi (Citadel of Qaitbay)
  32. Kasr El Thakafa.
  33. El Haggary.
  34. Kahwet Annah
  35. Maktabet Susan Mubarak.
  36. Ras El Tin. (Routes 6 and 21 terminate here)

Tram Al Madina[edit]

Characterised with its yellow colour except for routes 25 & 36 these are red and yellow.

There are 16 routes on this network.

1. Nozha - El Khedewi- Metras.

2. Noxha - El Shohadaa - Karmouz.

3. Metras - El Sabaa Banat - St Cathrine.

4. Moharam Bek - Abi El Dardaa - St Cathrine Square.

6. Moharam Bek - El Khedewi - El Gomork - Ras El Tin.

7. Nozha - El Khedewi - El Max - El Wardian.

9. El Shohadaa - El Khedewi - Metras - El Max.

10. Nozha - El Shohadaa - El Shbaa Banat.

11. Nozha - Moharam Bek - El Shohadaa.

15. Ramlh - El Sayed Karaiem - Ras El Tin.

16. Karmouz - Abi El Dardaa - St Cathrine Square. (Serapeum & Pompey's Pillar)

18. Nozha - Abi El Dardaa - St Cathrine Square.

19. El Shohadaa - El Khedewi - Metras - El Max.

21. Metras - Bab El Karasta - Gomrok - Ras El Tin.

25. Sidi Gaber - El Matafi. (Bus & Railway Station)

36. Ras El Tin - San Stefano.

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